Buttocks Liposuction Newport Beach, Orange County

Buttocks Liposuction Surgery

Will Liposuction work on my butt?

The distribution and proportion of fat on a female lower body and buttocks is genetically predetermined. Liposuction of the buttocks is uncommon since it generally results in buttock sagging. However, Dr. Siamak Agha frequently performs liposuction of the lower back, central lower back, waist, and saddle bag areas of the thighs to dramatically enhance the contour and aesthetics of the buttocks.

Lower back fat can alter the shape of the buttocks by overshadowing the depression that naturally demarcates the lower back from the upper buttock region. Thus, the buttocks appear much longer and boxy rather than rounder in shape. Dr. Agha removes the heavy lower back and waist fatty tissue in a V-shaped manner to recreate the depression in between the back and buttock anatomy. Removal of fat from the back of the upper thighs and the saddle bags further accentuates the buttock beauty and shape. Would you like to discuss enhancing the shape and appearance of your buttocks and lower back? Call to schedule your complimentary consultation with Board Certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Agha (949) 644-2442