Neck Liposuction Newport Beach, Orange County

Neck Liposuction

Can I get Liposuction on my neck?

Neck liposuction is the removal of fat from under the chin (submental) and lower neck. This procedure can significantly reduce the appearance of excess neck fat causing an overweight or heavy appearance. Sometimes this is called a double chin. The removal of this fat pocket can improve and define neck and chin profiles.

The procedure is particularly suitable for those with good skin elasticity whose primary defects are localized fat excess in the neck and submental regions. During the process of removing fat with the liposuction cannula, the overlying skin is separated from the underlying muscle and fascia. Immediately following neck liposuction, the superficial skin is repositioned. During the healing process, fibrotic scar tissue develops in between the skin and the underlying fascia, resulting in a tighter and smoother neck contour.