AlloDerm / BellaDerm Breast Augmentation Revision Newport Beach, Orange County

AlloDerm/BellaDerm Breast Augmentation Revision

What is AlloDerm/BellaDerm Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery?

Use of AlloDerm / BellaDerm in Breast Augmentation Revision

Breast implants and surgery are one of the best ways to create and maintain the body shape you’ve wanted. They are safe, effective, and used by hundreds of thousands of women across the United States, and the vast majority experience profoundly positive results.

But any time you’re affecting your body’s shape, there are some considerations and challenges that need to be made. Your body isn’t always shaped correctly for the upgrade, and that means that you may need to augment your body in some ways in order to achieve the desired shape and structure.

The Solution for Weak or Missing Tissues

One of the greatest challenges facing breast augmentation is what to do when the body doesn’t have the tissues and structure in place to hold on to larger breasts. In most cases, the body will still be able to handle the breast implants, but in some cases the chest area may experience weakness that can cause the implants to move, shift, or otherwise create a non-ideal shape.

In order to prevent this movement, or to account for movements and shifts that have already taken place, the surgeon may use any number of different techniques or options. Two of the more common decisions these days are known as:

  • AlloDerm
  • BellaDerm

Both of which use a variation of human tissue to help rebuild, regenerate, and otherwise reinforce breast tissue in order to keep your implants in place. These materials not only provide a strong tissue substitute, but they also support the natural, full regrowth of your own tissue, a process called tissue incorporation. When incorporation occurs, there is less chance of rejection, inflammation, or other potential complications.

What is AlloDerm?

AlloDerm is a product of LifeCell, and is known as a “regenerative tissue matrix” or “acellular tissue matrix.” It uses donated human tissue – most often from cadavers – and removes all of the cells until it is 100% sterile. AlloDerm is then placed in the areas of your body that require extra support, and then your body uses it as a structure to essentially grow your own body’s natural tissue around it in order to build upon its strength.

AlloDerm is a well proven tissue strengthening and regeneration procedure, and it has been used over a million times in surgical settings. On breast tissue, AlloDerm breast reconstruction is most often used when the tissue is too weak to support the implant, providing extra strength to keep it in place.

What is BellaDerm?

BellaDerm is a very similar product to AlloDerm, except it most often uses living donors – most often donors that have donated their tissues and skin during other cosmetic procedures. For example, cosmetic surgery after extensive weight loss often leaves a lot of excess skin. Individuals that then go through cosmetic surgery have some of those tissues removed, and those tissues are then repurposed (with all cells remove) to create a similar structure to AlloDerm.

Differences Between AlloDerm and BellaDerm

AlloDerm and BellaDerm are essentially the same products, but with different manufacturers (LifeCell vs MTF) and a different process to secure the tissues. The way the two companies acquire the human tissues is what separates them.

Although most people prefer the idea behind BellaDerm (acquiring the tissues mostly from living donors rather than cadavers), many surgeons still prefer using AlloDerm because AlloDerm has years of research and procedural evidence supporting its use, while BellaDerm is a relatively new product that doesn’t have the same research or vetting. Most plastic surgeons are also familiar with AlloDerm, while BellaDerm is only now starting to become more mainstream.

Talk to Your Plastic Surgeon About AlloDerm and BellaDerm

The decision to use AlloDerm breast reconstruction and BellaDerm is first something you should discuss with your plastic surgeon. These types of procedures are related to the structure and shape of your breasts, the surrounding tissue, your budget, and more. The best way to ensure that either AlloDerm or BellaDerm are right for your needs is to talk it over with your surgeon and discover what solutions make the most sense for you.

But both are also scientifically valid ways to improve the health and structure of your breasts and the surrounding tissue, helping your breast implants maintain their shape for longer. If you’re interested in learning more about AlloDerm breast reconstruction, BellaDerm, and other options for your breast augmentation, call us today at 949-393-4213. Dr Agha is the best choice Nationwide. Click Here to view our Breast Augmentation Gallery.