Breast Implant Complication Rates Newport Beach, Orange County

Breast Implant Complication Rates

What are the different Breast Implant Complications that could occur?

Breast Implant Complication Rates

The Mentor Core Study evaluated 551 patients who underwent primary breast augmentation. The data determined the rate for potential key complications at the three year post-operative benchmark.

These included:

Reoperation for implant exchange or complications:15.4 %
Nipple Complications:10.4 %
Capsular Contracture Baker Grade III/IV:8.1 %
Scarring/Hypertrophic Scarring:6.7 %
Breast Mass:3.1 %
Implant Removal with Replacement with Study Device:2.8 %
Hematoma:2.6 %
Ptosis (sagging):2.3 %
Implant Removal without Replacement:2.3 %
Breast Sensation Changes:2.2 %
Breast Pain:1.7 %
Infection:1.5 %
Rupture (MRI Cohort):0.5 %