Breast Augmentation Newport Beach Orange County Patient 5

Breast Augmentation Newport Beach Patient 5

Orange County Newport Beach breast augmentation 5 Front View

Orange County Newport Beach breast augmentation 5 Front Left View

Orange County Newport Beach breast augmentation 5 Left View

This 43 year old mother presented to Dr. Siamak Agha after her final pregnancy for breast enhancement. The patient's cup size was A on the right and B on the left and she wished to be a full C. To achieve symmetry, the patient underwent submuscular breast augmentation with a 375 cc silicone breast implant on the right and a 350 cc implant on the left through inframammary crease incisions. After her pregnancy, the patient’s breasts were asymmetrical and not proportionate. The operation gave the patient more fullness to her breasts, and matched the shape and size of the patient’s breasts so that they are completely symmetrical. The operation also decreased sagging in the breasts after the patient’s pregnancy. The operation also helped to proportion the patient’s breasts to the rest of her upper body by increasing the size of her breasts. The implants also rounded the breasts and lifted them, giving an overall more youthful appearance and reducing sagging. This operation restored the patient’s breasts to their youthful appearance before her pregnancy and provided the patient with a more symmetrical and proportionate look to her torso and chest. The overall increase in breast size that the patient desired also helped to give her upper body a more feminine and curvy appearance. Overall, the patient was left with the fuller, more youthful, lifted, and symmetrical breasts that she desired. Post-operative pictures are taken at 18 months

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