Facelift Newport Beach Orange County Patient 1

Facelift Newport Beach Patient 1

Orange County Newport Beach Facelift 1 Front View

Orange County Newport Beach Facelift 1 Front Left View

Orange County Newport Beach Facelift 1 Left View



This 65 years old female presented to Dr. Siamak Agha for face lift and neck lift surgery to add a more youthful and symmetrical appearance to the face. On examination, the patient's face was found to be asymmetrical with the right side being fuller and wider than the left. Dr. Agha performed 2 different types of facelift on the patient. On the right side, he removed fat and tissue to make the lower face narrower. On the left side, he performed an augmentative facelift by adding fat to make the face more even.

These changes made the appearance of the face more symmetrical, reduced facial sagging, and removed deep creases in the skin. Facial sagging was reduced especially around the cheeks and jaw, while deep creases were removed on the forehead, around and under the eyes, and around the sides of the mouth. With the reduction of facial sagging and the removal of deep creases, the patient’s overall appearance became more youthful. The skin appears tighter and younger, as well as firmer. The patient’s neck lift also added a more youthful appearance by giving the patient a stronger jaw line and reducing wrinkles throughout the neck area. The surgery gave the patient a natural looking symmetrical face, by adjusting fat deposits so that each side of the face is proportional. The patient also achieved a natural look, since incisions are hidden in areas that appear to be natural wrinkles. Post-operative facelift pictures are shown at 6 months after her surgery.

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