How Body Contouring Plastic Surgery Is Essential To Post Bariatric Weight Maintenance Article

How is Body Contouring Plastic Surgery essential To Post Bariatric Weight Maintenance?



How Body Contouring Plastic Surgery Is Essential To Post Bariatric Weight Maintenance

Studies show that many obese patients who experience massive weight loss after undergoing bariatric surgery regain most of the weight within years after surgery, putting them back at risk of obesity-related health problems. For patients who have experienced extreme weight loss, maintaining their recommended weight can be difficult. Patients who have undergone body contouring plastic surgery after extreme weight loss through bariatric surgery, present better long-term weight control and are more likely to keep weight off. Post weight loss plastic surgery assists with long-term health in many ways and, therefore, should be considered reconstructive surgery more so than cosmetic.


The goal of body contouring plastic surgery post weight loss is to remove excess fat and skin allowing the patient to maintain a long-term healthy lifestyle. Body contouring surgery after weight loss typically consists of multiple procedures, which usually include micro body contouring, non surgical body contouring, mini arm lift, non surgical thigh lift, medial thigh lift, tummy tuck, upper and or lower body lift, thigh lift, arm lift, breast reduction and or lift, and or a total body lift.


On average, patient’s who undergo sugery after weight loss, regain one pound per year compared to post gastric bypass only patients who gain four pounds per year. In a recent study, patients who had body-contouring surgery after bariatric surgery gained 4% of their initial body weight. In the same study, patients who had undergone gastric bypass surgery alone gained 11% of their initial body weight; nearly returning to their pre-bariatric weight.


There have been multiple studies in recent years confirming quality of life and long-term health related progress for patients who undergo body contouring plastic surgery after extreme weight loss. These finding are one of many findings that body-contouring surgery is considered an essential part of effective bariatric surgery. Dr Agha is one of the best plastic surgeons in the country. Click Here to view our Gallery.