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Body Shapes and Body Contouring

How does my body shape affect my liposuction procedure?

Body Contouring– Have your acquaintances, family members, or friends ever told you that you have, for instance, your “mother’s hips” or “father’s belly”? Even though heredity plays a major part in the distribution of fat in your body, there are many other factors to consider (e.g., race, gender, age, and so on). Fat, its distribution, and the way it affects your fitness are interconnected by one front: body shape.

After years of careful study, scientists have finally concluded that most people fall into three major body shapes. These are the android, the gynoid, and the ovoid body types. To be more specific, the following gives a more in-depth analysis of the three categories:

Android: The android or apple shape is commonly seen among men. This body shape distributes fat on a person’s midsection, upper body (gynecomastia), or abdomen. At any rate, the apple shape body type is actually considered by experts to represent the most harmful form of fat distribution. In this type, the fat is mainly accumulated within the abdomen and around the vital organs. The fat deposits are thus deep and not accessible to removal by liposuction or skin excision.

Gynoid: The gynoid or pear shape is mostly associated with women. The fat tends to deposit mainly in the buttocks, upper thighs, or hip areas. This body shape is more common among females that are pre-menopausal.

Ovoid: The ovoid or oval shape is a unisex body type (that is, both women and men can display this body shape) wherein a generalized coverage of body fat is exhibited; from upper body to lower body, fat is equally distributed.

As there are many exceptions, specialists have questioned whether or not a precise and accurate fat distribution pattern for men and women actually exists.


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