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What is Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery?


Breast Augmentation Revision-is a procedure that is often assumed to be simple in nature and execution, but is actually quite complex. Appreciation of subtle breast asymmetries, proper surgical planning and execution, and attention to detail are essential for achieving superior results. Unfortunately, these are too often overlooked. Click Here to view our complete Gallery.

Thus, breast augmentation does not always produce a patient’s desired results. This may be due to bad breast implant selection, incorrect surgical procedures, or just unrealistic expectations on the part of the patient. Women may realize that they were happier with their body shape prior to receiving breast implants or that larger breasts are a hindrance to their daily activities.

Corrective breast surgery or secondary breast augmentation refers to a wide range of procedures that plastic surgeon Dr. Agha has been performing in his practice in response to an increasing demand to fix breasts that have been distorted by another surgeon, often a non-plastic surgeon. Many of these patients are unhappy with their results and wish to have the appearance of their breasts improved. It is important to realize that breast augmentation revision surgery is certainly more complex than primary (initial) augmentation, and the proper time for the correct operation to be performed is the first time. However, Dr. Agha has developed considerable experience with correction of breast augmentation problems and will make every attempt to improve your results.

Sometimes, the problem with the breasts’ appearance is due to an excessively large implant that has stretched and thinned out the breast skin and tissue. This can result in implant show and rippling as well as breast wrinkling and drooping. Other times the problem may be due to an implant that has shifted into an unsightly position. Excess scarring, drooping of the breast, asymmetry or any combination of these problems can also contribute to a suboptimal breast appearance. Finally, the anatomy of the breasts and chest wall may have changed from prior surgery, distorting landmarks that must be corrected in order to restore a natural and aesthetic appearance.

When a problem does arise, the proper correction focuses first and foremost on carefully diagnosing the cause of the problem. Although, four broad categories are mentioned below, many patients have a problem that falls into more than one of the above categories.

  • Problems with surgical placement or implant position
  • Problems with implant selection
  • Problems with the patient’s tissue characteristics
  • Combination of above

Although corrective breast surgery is a complex and challenging endeavor, it is one that Dr. Agha enjoys helping with, because the improvements are usually very dramatic and life-changing for the patients. Additionally, these surgeries fully utilize the array of skills that Dr. Agha has developed, since each patient requires a unique combination of techniques to maximize their aesthetic outcome. These techniques include switching the implants from over the chest muscle to under the chest muscle, tailoring and reconfiguring the breast pocket to better fit and support the implant, changing the implant size and composition (exchanging saline implants to cohesive silicone gel implants), adjusting areolar size and/or position, revising scars, lifting the breasts, etc. Each breast will often require a different set of approaches to achieve the final symmetry.

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Dr. Siamak Agha is an experienced breast surgeon who is pleased to perform revision breast augmentation, breast reduction and breast augmentation in Newport Beach. Using the very latest surgical tools and techniques, Dr. Agha is able to help his plastic surgery patients look and feel their best. Other procedures he performs at his state-of-the-art practice include abdominoplastybody lift,forehead lift and facelift in Newport Beach. To learn more or to schedule a consultation, call his practice today at 949-393-4213.