Breast Enlargement Revision Surgical Options Newport Beach, Orange County

Breast Enlargement Revision Surgical Options


What are my Breast Enlargement Revision Surgical Options?

Breast Enlargement Revision Surgical Options

Depending on your specific issue, a specific solution or a set of techniques may be employed during your breast augmentation revision. These may include:

    • Implant Exchange (replacing your present implants with new implants that may be smaller or larger, changing the present shape of your implants to a new shape such as High Profile, Smooth or Anatomical implants, changing the surface of the implants from smooth to textured or vice versa, or changing the filling of your implants from saline to silicone or vice versa).

Capsulotomy. This involves making incisions in the capsule surrounding the implants to correct their position.

  • Pocket Change. This involves moving the implants from a subglandular position to a submuscular position or vice versa, according to the patient’s need.
  • Mastopexy (breast lift surgery). With severe stretching of the breast skin by implant, some form of mastopexy may be required to correct for the excess skin. Depending on the amount of reshaping that is required, a crescent mastopexy, a Benelli (donut) mastopexy, a vertical mastopexy (lollipop-shaped incision), or a full traditional Wise-pattern mastopexy (anchor-shaped or inverted-T shaped incision) may be indicated.
  • Inframammary Fold Reconstruction- This approach is often needed to correct for implants that have bottomed out and are positioned too low on the chest. This procedure involves recreation of the pocket at the upper edge of the capsule. The lower edge of the capsule is then sutured, and the inframammary fold is reconstructed at a higher position. Effectively, the procedure recreates a pocket that is positioned higher on the chest. The implant is thus repositioned at a higher level, creating better cleavage, a more youthful shape, and improved fullness in the upper pole of the breast.
  • Internal pocket adjustment- This is similar to the above approach with a focus on adjusting the pocket position more medially or laterally.
  • Synmastia Repair- This involves adjustment of the pocket laterally, reattaching the skin over the sternum back to the bone, reconstructing the medial edge of the pocket or the attachment of the pectoralis muscle at its medial border.

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