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Breast Implant Reoperation Breast Implant Removal

Why do patients undergo Breast Implant Re-Operation Procedures?

Because implants are not lifetime devices, the longer you have them, the more likely becomes for you to have them removed, either because of dissatisfaction, an unacceptable cosmetic result, or a complication such as severe capsular contracture. Having your implants removed and replaced increases your chances of future complications.

For women receiving primary augmentation in Mentor’s Core Study, 15% had their implants removed during the first three years after surgery. Patient request for implant style and size change was the main reason for implant removal. Severe capsular contracture, breast pain, and infection were the other reasons for implant removal.

Dissatisfaction with the implant size (either too small or too large) is the most common reason women have a second reoperation. Most elect to change their implant for a larger size. This is why Dr. Agha spends a considerable amount of time with you discussing size, your expectations and your chest dimensions during your initial consultation and your pre-operative visit. Furthermore, you will have an opportunity to test different implant sizes before your final decision. It is important to realize that implant replacement and reoperations increase your risks of future complications.

Silicone breast implants, which were recently re-approved by the FDA after more than 14 years off the market, generally provide a more natural feel than saline breast implants. Women whose only option was saline implants due to FDA regulations may now be candidates for breast implant revision to receive silicone implants instead.