Breast Implant Reoperation Other Problems Newport Beach, Orange County

Breast Implant Reoperation Other Problems

What are other problems that could occur requiring Breast Implant Re-Operation?

Unsatisfactory results such as implant rippling, asymmetry, implant displacement (shifting), implant palpability, scar deformity, and/or hypertrophic scarring are rare. The rate of implant rippling and palpability is lower when the implant is placed under the chest muscle or a silicone implant is used. Breast Pain

Women may feel pain of varying degrees and lengths of time following breast implant surgery. In addition, improper size, placement, surgical technique, or capsular contracture may result in pain. You should tell your doctor if you experience pain.

Studies of saline breast implants approved by the FDA in May 2000 showed breast pain rates of 5-16% at three years and 7-17% at five years for augmentation patients. Removal of the implant has been shown to improve pain in some patients.

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