Breast Implant Reoperation Surgical Options Newport Beach, Orange County

Breast Implant Reoperation Surgical Options


What are different Breast Implant Re-Operation Surgical Options?

Surgical Options for Breast Implant Reoperation Surgery in Southern California

The type of surgical procedure(s) performed during the reoperation depends on the local complication involved. More than one procedure may be performed in a single reoperation. Examples of the types of surgical procedures that may be performed in a reoperation include:

  • Implant removal with or without replacement
  • Capsule procedure (removal or surgical release of the capsule)
  • Scar or wound revision (surgical removal of excess scar tissue)
  • Drainage of a hematoma (inserting a tube through the skin to drain the collection of blood)
  • Repositioning of the implant (surgically opening the incision and moving the implant)
  • Biopsy/cyst removal (inserting a needle through the skin or cutting through the skin to remove a lump)