Breast Implant Reoperation Newport Beach, Orange County

Breast Implant Reoperation


What causes Breast Implants to need Re-Opertation?

It’s important to appreciate that your breast implants are not long-lasting and may require replacement during your lifetime. Breast augmentation reoperations refer to a number of procedures that may be required in response to the use of breast implants. These may include simple reoperations such as “implant exchange” for a larger size or a different type. Alternatively, they may involve more complex reoperations to correct for complications related to breast implants. When selecting a surgeon to perform your breast augmentation, it is not only important to understand their complication/reoperation rates, but also to choose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who can effectively handle a given complication. Southern California plastic surgeon Dr. Agha’s reoperation rate is significantly lower than those published in the plastic surgery literatures (see below). His commitment to a superior result and service has been elaborated in our 12-month assurance to you to give you peace of mind.