Breast Lift Before and After Gallery Newport Beach, Orange County

Breast Lift Before and After (Photo Gallery)

Dr. Agha is a well-known Board Certified plastic surgeon and is considered by his peers to be an expert in breast lift surgery. He is a member of the American Society of Plastic surgeons and has performed numerous breast lifts that range in complexity from the very simple to the very challenging. Before and after photos can give you a sense of possible results and offer a visual representation of Dr. Agha’s experience, skill level and aesthetic sensibility.

Whereas a number of plastic surgeons will use stock photos of breast lifts performed by other surgeons, Dr. Agha’s before-and-after photo gallery is comprised solely of actual patients of Dr. Agha at the Plastic Surgery Body Contouring Center in Newport Beach, California. Our photo gallery includes breast lift photos, breast lift with augmentation photos, breast fat transfer photos, tubular breast correction photos, breast reduction photos and tubular breast correction photos.

It is very important to not only understand your surgeon’s credentials, and be familiar with past results from surgeries he has performed, but also to be able to communicate well with your surgeon and see that he understands what your goals and hopes for the surgery are. We invite you to call (949) 644-2442 to schedule your complimentary consultation to discuss the particulars of your case with Dr. Agha at his Newport Beach breast lift facility: The Plastic Surgery Body Contouring Center. Click Here to view our Gallery.