Breast Lift Surgery in Newport Beach, CA

Breast Lift Surgery in Newport Beach

Have you experienced changes in the shape of your breasts?


Breast Lift Surgery– Many women experience changes in their breasts due to pregnancy, aging, gravity, weight gain or weight loss. The breasts may lose their youthful shape, position, and firmness. Breast sagging or drooping (ptosis) occurs as a result of loosening of the skin and ligaments within the breast tissue. This is often associated with an enlarged nipple-areola area that points downwards. Would you like to have a more youthful breast shape and areola/nipple size? For women who desire big breasts that look like natural boobs. A breast lift can correct the size of the areola as well as give you a more youthful and uplifted profile.

If any of these descriptions reminds you of your breasts, you may be a candidate for breast lift surgery with Dr. Agha. Dr. Agha is a well-respected leader in his field, is Board Certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). He has performed numerous breast lift surgeries at Plastic Surgery Body Contouring Center in Newport Beach, California. Have you ever wondered how breast lifts look before and after surgery? When completed by an expert surgeon such as Dr. Agha, results can be very beautiful and improvements can be quite dramatic. Be sure to view our extensive before-and-after galleries to see cases that look like yours. Do you have questions about your case and your potential results? Please call us at (949) 644-2442 to schedule your complimentary consultation at our Newport Beach breast lift facility: The Plastic Surgery Body Contouring Center to get big natural breasts.

Many women who decide to have a mastopexy or breast lifts with Dr. Agha also consider having additional surgical procedures at the same time. This helps to limit the recovery time as compared to having various procedures done separately. There are also cost savings compared to doing each procedure separately. A “mommy makeover” is an option for women who have had children and are looking to get their pre-pregnancy bodies back. With a mommy makeover, a breast lift or breast augmentation can be paired with liposuction surgery or a tummy tuck surgery. Are you curious about liposuction surgery, tummy tucks, breast augmentation or facial surgery? Click the links above for detailed descriptions of each procedure and be sure to take a look at our extensive before-and-after galleries for each procedure here: links here to liposuction, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and various facial before and after galleries. As a Board Certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Agha performs plastic surgery of the breast, face, body. Are you looking for curvy boobs, great boobs, real boobs?

What causes breasts to sag?

There are many reasons that a woman’s breast will begin to sag and she may begin to consider breast lift surgery. Some of the most common reasons are listed below.

  • Aging. As we age, the connective ligaments within our tissues and skin undergo “laxity” which means that they loosen due to the force of gravity and tissue loss.
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding and sagging breasts– How do pregnancy and breast- feeding affect my breasts? During pregnancy the breasts enlarge to prepare for nursing. After childbirth the glands return to their usual size prior to pregnancy. However, skin and loose ligaments do not always return to their normal size and proportions. This causes the breasts to sag. Failure of the skin and ligaments to hold the shape of the breasts may be due to the breast size and weight increase, which causes tearing of the collagen within the skin causing stria or stretch marks, increase stress due to gravity or other factors.
  • Very large Breasts (Macromastia) – Very large breasts often accompany drooping as a result of the excess breast weight. Often patients seek breast lift procedures when they have very large breasts, due to the discomfort and aesthetically unpleasing look of the sagging of the breasts.
  • Significant weight loss – Significant weight-gain increases breast volume and weight, which results in breast ptosis or unusual drooping or sagging of the breasts. This is exacerbated further after significant weight loss or bariatric surgery as the loss of the fatty tissue from the breast leaves the breasts looking saggy and droopy when the skin fails to retract fully to the former shape.
  • Breast Augmentation – Very large breast implants can cause excessive stretching of the breast suspensory ligaments and skin. As a person ages, or if the implants are removed, sagging can occur.
  • Heredity – Heredity and genes may be factors that can result in teenager breast ptosis or drooping, so that often family members may have similar issues with breast sagging and drooping.

What is Mastopexy surgery? Is it the same as a breast lift?

Mastopexy is the medical term for what we commonly refer to as breast lift surgery. Breast Lift or Mastopexy is a family of operations that uplifts the breast to a more natural position on the chest. This surgery can restore the firmness and shape of your breasts, restoring a more “perky” youthful appearance. In general, a breast lift operation elevates breasts by reshaping and re-suspending the internal breast tissues and then removing excess skin. Sometimes the nipple-areola complexes are also reduced while being repositioned. A breast lift can rejuvenate your figure with a breast profile that is youthful and uplifted.

Treatment via Breast Lift Surgery

Dr. Agha, as an experienced Board Certified surgeon, is well qualified to treat these symptoms through a breast lift procedure. Do you have questions about your particular condition or whether you qualify for a breast lift procedure? Please call us at (949) 644-2442 to schedule your complimentary consultation. Click here to view our Breast Lift Before and After Gallery.