Breast Lift Typical Patients Newport Beach, Orange County

Orange County Breast Lift Typical Patients

How do I know if breast lift surgery is right for me?

The best candidates for breast lift or mastopexy are healthy individuals who do not have a serious illness or medical conditions that can impair healing. Typical patients present with:

  • Breasts that sag or hang when not held in a bra
  • Breasts that are not proportional to the body
  • Breasts that lack firmness and skin elastic tone
  • Breasts that have a flattened elongated shape
  • The nipple hangs below the infra-mammary fold in unsupported breasts
  • When the nipple and areola point downward
  • When the skin is stretched and areola enlarged

For those who have asymmetrical breast shape or volume, Dr. Agha combines a breast augmentation or breast reduction with the breast lift or mastopexy procedure. If your breasts are asymmetrical please visit our Breast Asymmetry Correction page. Do your breasts match any of the descriptions above? Would you like to find out if you qualify for a breast lift to rejuvenate your figure? Please see our information on our complimentary consultation below and call to schedule at our Newport Beach breast lift facility (949) 644-2442