Breast Reduction and Lift with Breast implants Newport Beach, Orange County

Breast Reduction and Lift with Breast implants

Breast Reduction and Lift– is well-known to provide an improvement in physical symptoms of macromastia (large breasts) which may include neck pain, chest pain, back pain, bra-strap indentation as well as other limitations. However, breast reduction typically produces a linear or even concave upper-pole fullness. Most women prefer the fullness and convexity of the upper pole, which is the appearance produced by todays’ bras. On the other hand, breast augmentation with saline implants or silicone implants effectively enhances upper pole fullness. A combination of breast reduction and augmentation can effectively create a lifted smaller breast that can take the round shape of the implant and its perkiness. Combined breast reduction and implant augmentation also offer other advantages. Whereas, breast tissue after breast reduction and breast lift can continue to sag, a breast implant does not undergo migration or sagging and can hold its round and perky shape for year to come.


A recent article published in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal in 2014 compared breast reduction procedures with breast reduction and breast augmentation procedures in 80 patients. The study set to determine the effectiveness and safety of these treatment combinations.


All the subjects in the study had 300 grams or more of breast tissue excised and their breasts lifted. However about a third of the patients also underwent this procedure. The authors determined that there was no significant difference in complication rates between the 2 patient groups. In the second group, breast implants significantly increased upper-breast projection and fullness. Physical symptoms of macromastia were reduced in both groups and patient satisfaction was 92.5% for breast reduction and 93.8% for breast reduction plus implants. Also, both groups reported an improvement in quality of life.


In our practice, Dr. Agha has been offering both approaches for many years. For those patients who want a very natural breast shape, he often performs a dermal bra suspension breast reduction and lift technique. This procedure offers a comprehensive breast tissue lift and breast mount recreation that is superior to the standard techniques. For other patients who want rounder, perkier breasts, he offers breast reduction/lift with submuscular implant placement in order to meet patient’s desires.

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Dr. Agha has performed many procedures of this kind. Dr. Agha performs many different breast surgery procedures such as various types of breast reductions, breast lifts, breast lift with implants, correction of breast asymmetry and tuberous breasts, breast fat transfer, and breast reconstruction. He will go over breast reduction and lift cost. We will assist in the recover process after breast reduction and lift surgery. Contact us today at 949-393-4213 to learn about breast reduction lift and implant. Please take your time to look at Breast Gallery.