Breast Reduction Consultation Newport Beach, Orange County

Breast Reduction Consultation

What should I expect during my Breast Reduction Consultation?

Breast Reduction Consultation

Once you have made the decision to have breast reduction surgery, there are a number of steps that can help to prepare you both for the surgery and recovery.

During your consultation, Dr. Agha will inquire about your general physical and mental health status, pre-existing health conditions, prior surgeries, medications taken, allergies, and smoking habits. Relevant questions in the history include:

  • macromastia
  • History and method of weight gain and loss
  • Planned future pregnancies
  • Your current cup size
  • A detailed history of current medical and psychological problems, e.g. heart disease, diabetes, a history of thromboembolic disease, connective tissue disorders, and wound healing problems.

Dr Agha will go over the breast reduction cost. It is important that you be thorough when providing the requested information as this will allow Dr. Agha to rule out any surgical or post-surgical complications that may arise due to pre-existing conditions. The Aesthetic Centers also offers breast reduction and lift, areola reduction surgery, and many other types of boob reduction procedures. Honesty regarding your smoking and alcohol use is also very important, as these will have a profound impact on your recovery period and your ability to heal following your procedure.

After reviewing your medical history, Dr. Agha will discuss your concerns, priorities, and motivations for breast reduction. A frank discussion about your aim and your desired size is necessary to ensure optimal results. During this time, Dr. Agha will examine your breasts looking at potential lumps, breast shape, degree of breast sagging, unevenness between the two breasts, amount of excess breast tissue, as well as your breast skin quality. He will then make measurements of your breast size and position as well as nipple areola size and any asymmetry. Dr. Agha will also look for other breast-related issues such as chest deformity, tuberous breast shape, nipple inversion, etc. Attention is also paid to the ratio of gland to fat within the breast, the amount of excess fat deposit in the surrounding chest, and your overall body contour and proportion. Finally, he will evaluate your skin quality, elasticity, laxity, and signs of skin damage (such as stretch marks).

Dr. Agha will subsequently provide you with information on different breast reduction options including the vertical, circumvertical, short inverted-T, L-scar, or Wise-pattern (anchor) incision types. He will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each one of these procedures to you. You will then be provided with information regarding the potential risks and complications. Finally, considering your input, Dr. Agha will plan an appropriate procedure to best suit your anatomy, and likewise meet your desires and expectations.

The cornerstone of Dr. Agha’s approach is to customize treatment to your specific needs and circumstances, and to ensure that you have an adequate understanding of the procedure so that you are able to make an informed decision. This will help you achieve the appearance you desire with the least invasive procedure available.

At the end of consultation, you will be provided with information on breast reduction costs. Our office will also provide you with clear written pre- and post-operative instructions and will advise you to:

  • Avoid medications that may complicate surgery or recovery
  • Stop smoking for a period of time before and after surgery
  • Arrange for help or special care following surgery

Healing after breast reduction surgery is highly dependent upon your individual circumstances, and the advice of a qualified medical professional should be taken very seriously. Click here to view our Breast Reduction Gallery.