Breast Reduction Overview Newport Beach, Orange County

Breast Reduction Overview Newport Beach


What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast Reduction

  • Description: A procedure to reduce the size of large breasts. Breast reduction is performed for physical relief as well as for cosmetic reasons.

  • Variations of technique: There are many variations to the design of the incisions for breast reduction. The size and shape of your breasts, as well as the desired amount of reduction, are factors that will help your plastic surgeon determine the best technique for you.

  • Length of Surgery: Varies, on average 1-3 hours depending on patient and surgeon

  • In/Outpatient: In many cases, outpatient, however inpatient procedure in some cases

  • Anesthesia: General

  • Back to work in…: 10-14 days

  • Back to the gym in…: 6-8 weeks

  • Cost: National Average – $5,400+

  • Treatment Frequency: Once so long as maintained

  • Risks: Infection, fat or blood clots, excessive fluid loss, numbness, anesthesia complications, loss of feeling to nipple or breast, or partial loss of feeling, infection

  • Duration of results: Initial noticeable improvement, continued improvement for 6 months as post-surgical swelling decreases