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What is Brotox?

“Brotox” – The Newest Trend in Cosmetic Surgery?

For most of the last several decades, women were expected to maintain their looks while men “aged gracefully” despite their wrinkles and beer bellies. In many ways, men were celebrated for looking older, while women often felt that society was pushing them to maintain their looks or be forgotten.


Today, the feelings about aging have shifted substantially. Women have taken more control over their own appearance and are choosing cosmetic surgery for themselves, not for others. But it’s not only women that are experiencing a change – men are also moving more towards cosmetic procedures, and one of the most common is Botox, which for men has been nicknamed “Brotox.”


Why “Brotox” is Trending

It’s not entirely clear what is responsible for the shift, and why more men are becoming more comfortable with cosmetic surgery. The answer probably lies in part with the following:

  • More Comfort With Body Care – Not long ago, a man would have been shamed for caring for their looks. Men often refused to use moisturizers, shave their armpits, and other day to day grooming because it was frowned upon. Today, there are countless products for men to use, and men use them openly without embarrassment. The more comfortable men are with caring about their appearance, the more comfortable they are with Botox.

  • Pressure to Be Younger – Men also may be under a bit more pressure to be younger, especially as we learn more about aging and many of the issues that cause premature aging signs become avoidable. Indeed, the “older man” as a provider dynamic has shifted. Women are independent now, able to care for themselves, and they are becoming more attracted to younger men than ever before.

  • Confidence – Confidence is just as important in men as it is for anyone else, and men that are feeling as though they’re losing some of their self confidence because of aging now feel a bit more free to turn to alternative means to help increase that self confidence. This is especially important in the modern economy, where confidence is what keeps you earning a healthy income as you get older.


Male celebrities are also more open with their own cosmetic surgery, and thanks to the magic of the internet, it’s now easier to discover how common male plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery is. This also encourages men to seek out help for their appearance when they need to, whether it’s for “Brotox” or something else on their body.


Is Brotox Right For You?

Botox for men isn’t a fad that’s going to go away. If anything it’s a freedom. Yet the decision to get botox is still a personal one. If you’re feeling as though you would like these injections in order to look younger and improve your self-esteem, then Botox is worth exploring. If not, that’s okay too.


For those that are looking for “Brotox” in the Newport Beach/LA County area, give us a call today at 949.531.7274, and let’s talk about your desire to have Botox and the benefits for your face type.


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