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Buttock Augmentation Details Newport Beach, Orange County


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Buttock Augmentation Details Newport Beach


What is Buttock Augmentation Surgery?

Details of Buttock Augmentation Surgery in Newport Beach, Orange County


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Butt augmentation or buttock reshaping usually takes two to three hours when performed by Dr. Agha in his Orange County office. Before the buttock augmentation surgery, Dr. Agha will mark certain landmarks on your back, buttocks, flanks, and thighs in the pre-operative area. This ensures proper planning for the buttock augmentation surgery and liposuction. He will again review the entire operative plan for with you, including potential complications of butt augmentation surgery. You will then be given a dose of intravenous antibiotics as a precautionary measure.


What happens during butt augmentation surgery?


Step 1 – Anesthesia

Butt augmentation is usually performed under general anesthesia. After initiation of anesthesia in the operating room, Dr. Agha will inject a solution of local anesthetics known as “tumescent solution” at the sites marked for liposuction. The injection solution consists of a low concentration of lidocaine and epinephrine. The lidocaine will numb the surgical site, and the epinephrine causes constriction of the blood vessels at the surgical site, reducing the potential for bleeding and bruising during and after the buttock augmentation surgery. Liposuction is performed as indicated.


Step 2 – The incision

Buttocks augmentation via fat grafting (Brazilian Butt Lift)- This Buttocks augmentation procedure involves liposuction of fat usually from the back, flanks, and thighs through several small stab incisions that are discretely placed. The fat is then processed and injected into the buttock through minute incisions.


Butt augmentation with use of buttock implants– For this procedure, incisions are made where the butt cheek meets the back of the thigh or down the buttock crease. The latter is the more common place for an incision, since scars are less noticeable. However, it carries a higher infection rate than the other locations. Working through the incision, Dr. Agha creates a pocket large enough to place the implant. The implants are placed above the sitting area of your buttocks to reduce the possibility of the implants shifting after the Butt augmentation surgery. The same is done for the other cheek. Dr. Agha carefully examines both sides to make sure that the butt augmentation results are symmetrical.


Buttocks augmentation via buttock augmentation and lift– Parallel incisions are placed over the lower back and the upper buttock. The tissue in between is then developed as a flap on each side. A large pocket is then created over the buttock muscle. The lower back flaps are then rotated into the buttock pockets and secured in position via sutures. The buttock is then elevated over the flaps to meet the lower back incision. When this is performed correctly, the incision lies appropriately at the junction of the new lower back and the upper buttock.


Butt augmentation via buttock reduction and lift– Parallel incisions are placed over the lower back and the upper buttock. The tissue in between is excised and the buttock is elevated to its new position. When this is performed correctly, the incision lies appropriately at the junction of the new lower back and the upper buttock.


Step 3 – Closing the incisions

The incisions are carefully closed to minimize scarring. Dr. Agha places all his sutures beneath the skin where they are gradually absorbed by your body. Not having to undergo suture removal has improved patient comfort and satisfaction after butt augmentation surgery.


Step 4 – Dressings

A sterile dressing is applied to the incisions, and a compression garment is placed on you. This compression garment helps support your lower body during healing, decreases post-operative swelling, and helps decrease any bruising that may occur.


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Where is the Butt augmentation performed

Dr. Agha office is located in Newport Beach, Orange County. Our state of the art surgical facility located in Newport Beach California was designed exclusively for plastic surgery, and our outstanding staff has vast experience with caring for patients just like you.



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