Correction of Breast Implant Complications Newport Beach, Orange County

Correction of Breast Implant Complications

What are possible complications of Breast Implants?

Breast Implants can occasionally cause issues that require reoperation. As an Orange County Breast Surgeon, Dr. Agha is skilled to perform a reoperation to your breasts if required, which may occur due to a variety of issues.

We have listed breast implant complication rates as reported by Mentor in the above link.

Dr. Agha’s current reoperation rates are 1.33% for an implant to be exchanged for larger size, 0.33% implant deflation, 0.33% hematoma requiring evacuation, and 1% capsular contracture requiring capsule removal and implant exchange.

Capsular contracture is a risk factor for implant rupture, and it is the most common reason for reoperation. Read about Capsular Contracture on the link above.

Patients may also chose to have their implants removed for personal reasons or other health related issues. Dr. Agha has the surgical experience to remove your implants should you desire.