Different Zones of the Arm and Arm Lifts Newport Beach, Orange County

Different Zones of the Arm and Arm Lifts


What are the different areas of the arm affected by Arm Lifts?

Zone 1 – This is the area that extends from the elbow to the wrist. Most patients that are looking to have arm lift surgery do not typically need this area to be altered. An incision directly on zone 1 is not common, and the fat deposits can be worked on with liposuction.


Zone 2 – This is the area that extends from the elbow to the armpit. Arm lift surgery is typically planned on this area. Dr. Agha will examine the distortion to determine whether the issue is just excessive fat or excessive skin. It is common for both issues to be present. When determined, Dr. Agha will state whether liposuction, an arm lift or both will be needed.


Zone 3 – This is the area within the arm pit. A high percentage of patients with massive weight loss p have deformities in Zones 2-3. In Zone 3, a wing-like flap of skin is often formed, and in Zone 2 the skin is often loose and hangs from the limbs. To correct this, an incision is made from the elbow to the armpit. The incision is placed so that it will be nearly undetectable in clothing, or when the arms are naturally hanging on their sides.


Zone 4 – This area extends from the bottom of the armpit to the outer chest. Patients who have deformities in Zones 2-4 have the same incision that is used to correct Zones 2-3. However, the incision continues over the outer chest wall to remove the excess skin. If Zone 4 has extreme deformities, Dr. Agha will perform a different surgical approach called an Upper Body Lift.


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