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Genital Beautification


Genital Beautification– In today’s society, health, wellness, and beauty are tightly intertwined. While many people desire to enhance their face or body, it is genital beautification that has been receiving much attraction in recent years.  The trend may be related to the visibility of the genital area after shaving or waxing that has become more and more popular in the last decade.  Or it may be the advent of tighter bikinis or more shape-revealing clothing that may have influenced this growing trend. CLICK HERE to learn more about Labiaplasty.

The female external genitalia has several parts including the labia minora (inner lips), labia majora (outer lips), clitoris, and clitoral hood.  In the West, the external genitalia are mostly preferred as flat, hairless and a labia minora (also known as the inner labia or inner lips) that is practically invisible.  The labia minora vary greatly in size, shape and color, and may change as a result of childbirth, aging, weight loss, and many other factors.

At The Aesthetic Centers of Orange County, top Newport Beach plastic surgeon, Dr. Siamak Agha, offers multiple approaches to genital beautification as a purpose in itself and as a means of improving sexual function and satisfaction.  These include both non-invasive treatments with laser and radio frequency devices as well as cosmetic genital surgery. For non-invasive treatments, we offer Geneveve revolutionary device for vaginal tightening, urinary incontinence, labial minora and majora tightening, and enhanced sexual satisfaction. We also offer Ultrashape and/or CoolSculpting for mons pubis fat reduction and flattening and labial brightening by laser. Aesthetic surgery of the genitalia may include labia minora reduction (labiaplasty), labia majora reduction, labial/mons pubis liposuction, and labia majora reshaping by fat transfer.


Non – Invasive Vaginal Tightening and Beautification

Being a physician scientist with both MD and PhD degrees from Cambridge University, Dr. Agha’s decision in choosing Geneveve as a non-invasive device for vaginal and labial tightening for our practice was purely based on science, research, publications, and FDA-clearance of Geneveve device by Viveve (a company devoted to Women’s health).   Non-invasive genital beautification devices either use lasers or radiofrequency.  Although lasers are effective at removing the fine wrinkles of face and mucosa (inner lining) of vagina, they do little to replace the underlying collagen that is needed for vaginal tightening, sexual arousal, and urinary incontinence that many women desire after child birth.

Geneveve offers both vaginal and labial tightening, improves stress urinary incontinence and sexual satisfaction. The treatments each last about 30 minutes and unlike other devices, only one treatment is needed.  This is because Geneveve is a more powerful device that uses a patented cooling system to numb the area of treatment.  Thus, treatments can be more complete while painless.

Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery

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Labial reshaping (AKA labiaplasty) to correct a large labia minora is a surgical procedure that is steadily gaining in popularity. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, labiaplasty is more popular than ever, with over 12,000 procedures performed by ASPS members last year (a 39% increase).

A labiaplasty usually trims excess labia minora skin and tissue that can be troublesome, prominent, or uncomfortable during sexual intercourse. Excision of excess labia minora allows the inner lips of the vagina to sit tucked up neatly within the labia majora.  Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Siamak Agha, offers a comprehensive and customized approach to labial minora reduction that may include clitoral hood reduction as well as clitoral exposure.

Labia Majora Beautification

Labia majora beautification is a customized approach to enhancing labial majora as per patient’s desire.  Whereas some patients like a flattened labia majora, others may like a fuller and more prominent labia majora.  Labia majora flattening will require fat reduction via non-invasive CoolSculpting or surgical fat removal via liposuction.  Labia majora augmentation on the other hand requires fat transfer to the labia major for those who have lost significant fatty fullness from these areas. On the other hand, some patient may desire pubic lift via monsplasty or labia majora reduction to remove excess labia majora skin.

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Dr. Agha and his staff truly feel like a second family to me. I revealed my biggest insecurity to him and his team, only to be met with sincere respect and absolutely no judgment or criticism. I had a tummy tuck, lipo on the small of my back and fat transfer from that lipo to my buttocks. I was completely prepared for recovery, as they well informed me of what to expect so there were no surprises. The results exceeded both of our expectations as he is just as excited about them as I am. I have recommended him to absolutely everyone I know, and others who are just beginning their journey with their own self improvement. He is the most qualified surgeon in the state of California (believe me, I have checked), and has even pioneered certain procedures that are imitated in the state and I’m sure throughout the country.

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