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Ideal Buttock Aesthetics Newport Beach, Orange County


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Ideal Buttock Aesthetics Newport Beach


What are the Ideal Buttock Aesthetics?

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The ideal buttock contour follows certain features that define an aesthetically beautiful figure. These include:

  • Buttocks that are projected appropriately according to your body type
  • A smooth inward sweep of the lower back (lumbosacral area)
  • A “V-shaped depression” that demarcates the lower back and buttock regions
  • Minimal or no sagging of the buttock tissue over the crease that separates the buttock from the thigh (infragluteal crease)
  • A concave waist line
  • Buttocks that are round or A-type shaped
  • Buttocks Liposuction
  • Thigh Liposuction
  • Calf Liposuction


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