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Why is Mommy Makeover Surgery popular in Irvine?

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Becoming a mom can be incredibly fulfilling. But to be a great mom, you also have to love yourself. All women’s bodies are beautiful, but a lot of changes do occur after pregnancy, and many moms find that they have lost a lot of confidence in their bodies as a result of these changes. It’s why many people in Irvine call us for a mommy makeover.


Pregnancy Changes and the Body

Pregnancy has a fairly profound effect on the body, especially on the stomach and breasts. The stomach, after having gained a lot of excess weight in order to hold the baby, often maintains some of that weight and extra skin post birth. The breasts also go through a myriad of changes, and tend to flatten or change shape after milk is no longer produced.


Mommy makeover is a term that describes the cosmetic surgery procedures often used to target these specific areas. Our Irvine mommy makeover services revolve around tummy tucks, breast enhancement, and then complementary liposuction and lifts in areas like the thigh and buttocks to help ensure that your body is just the way you want it after the surgery is completed.


Advantages of Mommy Makeovers

One of the primary advantages of the mommy makeover – besides the way your body looks once the procedures are completed – is recovery time. The reason mommy makeover became a term was because plastic surgeons noticed that moms would consistently come in for different procedures over the course of several years:

  • Tummy Tucks – Perhaps one of the most requested procedures was the tummy tuck. Because the stomach and abs tend to get looser after pregnancy, many women would come in to have the excess skin and fat removed and their abdominal muscles tightened, so that their stomachs would look as flat as they did when they were younger.

  • Breast Enhancement – Pregnancy has a tendency to sag or shrink the breasts after milk is no longer produced. So many moms would come in for a breast enhancement. Some would elect for a lift to keep the natural breast feel but lift it back to more youthful levels. Others would elect for a breast implant, to shape their body the way they have always wanted. Indeed, many women wanted breast implants because they enjoyed the size of their breasts when they were producing.

  • Liposuction – Additional liposuction was not necessarily one of the first requested procedures. But after tummy tucks and breast enhancements, liposuction can help shape the rest of the body so that you are more confident in your look from top to bottom. After the breasts and stomach were addressed, many women would come back to “finish” their body.


This many surgeries required a lot of recovery time and a lot of visits to the doctor. But since they were also all complementary procedures, many plastic surgeons, like our Irvine Mommy Makeover specialists, realized that it would be easier for the patients, and possibly more cost effective, to group all of these procedures together. Thus the mommy makeover was born.


Our Irvine Mommy Makeover Services

Based in Newport Beach, we provide Irvine residents with high end, affordable mommy makeover services. Dr. Agha has years of experience working with women and moms of all shapes and sizes, and our team is very capable of making sure that your entire experience – and the outcome – is exactly as you hoped it would be. Call us today at 949-558-2896 to find out more about our mommy makeover services, or to schedule your appointment.


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