Los Angeles Large Volume Liposuction

Large Volume Liposuction


How does Large Volume Liposuction work?

Large Volume Liposuction Surgery

Standard liposuction in is an excellent means of fat removal for stubborn pockets of fat, which do not naturally reduce as a result of healthy dietary control and consistent, long-term exercise. For more substantial physical change and reduction in body mass, large volume liposuction can remove several dress sizes at a time for a female patient, with the standard being a minimum of seven pounds of fat removed during the procedure for both males and females. Large volume liposuction helps people who have tried everything to reduce their size, to no avail.


large volume liposuctionIdeal candidates at Plastic Surgery Body Contouring Center in Los Angeles are those who have maintained a healthy diet and exercise regimen for a substantial period of time without seeing desirable results. Large volume liposuction patients tend to be 50 pounds or less from their ideal weight.


Your Initial Consultation

In order to be considered for large volume liposuction in Los Angeles at Plastic Surgery Body Contouring Center, the board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Siamak Agha will need to meet with you for an initial consultation. During this session, he will conduct a physical examination of your body and talk to you about your medical history, diet and exercise regimen. He will discuss the Los Angeles procedure with you, as well as recovery and expectations for after your large volume liposuction.


Procedure Details

General anesthesia is used for large volume liposuction in Los Angeles. This plastic surgery requires an average three or four hours for completion, depending upon your specific needs, areas of the body to be suctioned and the volume of fat extraction.


To tighten skin and remove persistent deposits of fat, ultrasound assisted liposuction is often used. This technique helps to stimulate collagen production, tightening excess skin and reducing sagging resulting from weight loss. For months following surgery, this skin tightening will continue.


Once the Los Angeles procedure is completed, incisions will be closed and bandaged before you are moved to recovery.


Recovery From Large Volume Liposuction

Recovery from large volume liposuction in Los Angeles relies upon multiple factors and each patient’s recovery is unique. For all patients, there will be swelling and likely some bruising after the plastic surgery. This will diminish over time and improvements will continue to evolve after days, weeks and even months. Dr. Agha will have prescribed pain medication for initial pain following the procedure and patients should ensure they drink plenty of fluids while recovering at home in Los Angeles.


Large volume liposuction will provide long-lasting results. The key to maintaining these results is to ensure continued adherence to a healthy diet and a total body fitness regimen. While fat cells are removed and do not regenerate, remaining fat cells can become larger if the patient does not control poor eating habits or sedentary behaviors. For a lifetime of benefit and even continued improvement for years to come, simply maintain healthy habits. CLICK HERE to Learn more about lipo-abdominoplasty.


Dr. Siamak Agha, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, MD, PhD completed his 7 years of medical education at the prestigious University of Cambridge, England.
His residency in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery was completed at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, one of the most respected and comprehensive Plastic Surgery training programs in the United States.