Los Angeles Monsplasty

Monsplasty Surgery in Los Angeles


What is Monsplasty (Pubic Lift)?

Also known as a pubic lift, monsplasty reduces the bulk or size and tightens skin of the mons pubis, the female pelvic region. This can be performed by Plastic Surgery Body Contouring Center in Los Angeles to improve both cosmetic appeal and for improved functionality.


In Los Angeles, monsplasty is often a companion procedure for women undergoing tummy tuck or a body lift. It can also be part of a labiaplasty and vaginoplasty cosmetic surgery collective, for rejuvenation of a woman’s entire area of genitalia.


The pubic mons sometimes becomes larger with age, weight fluctuations or as part of pregnancy. Its size can actually interfere with normal function and appearance. A woman may find she has difficulty fitting appropriately into clothing. Additionally, she may have problems during urination and sexual activity.


To correct these problems, a Los Angeles monsplasty procedure will restore normal function and cosmetic appeal through reduced skin sag and tightening of muscles and tissues.


Who Is a Good Candidate for Monsplasty?

A prime candidate for monsplasty in Los Angeles is a woman who is embarrassed or encumbered by her pubic mons. She should be in otherwise good health, within a normal weight range and physically active. It is best to wait until all pregnancies are completed before undergoing a monsplasty, as positive results can be diminished through subsequent pregnancies. Of course, having realistic expectations for the plastic surgery is also important.


Your Monsplasty Consultation

During your initial consultation with Dr. Siamak Agha of Plastic Surgery Body Contouring Center, it is important to remember that the board certified plastic surgeon understands the psychological, social and emotional effects of body issues. You can be open and honest with him regarding your expectations. If you have concerns about other areas of your body, it is a good time to discuss those with him, too. It could be that he can make specific recommendations regarding companion procedures or other strategies to reach your goals more effectively.


Monsplasty Procedure

For monsplasty in Los Angeles, patients are sedated and anesthetized. Dr. Agha will make an incision from which to remove excess skin and fat. The pubic mons will then be sculpted through tightening and lifting of muscles and tissue. Once surgery is complete and incisions are closed, the patient’s wounds will be dressed and bandaged for recovery.


Recovery from Monsplasty

Like other cosmetic surgeries, monsplasty will require some recovery time. It is best if you have a friend or family member drive you home following your procedure. You will likely have pain and swelling, particularly for the first two to three days. During that time, you will want to refrain from strenuous activities and can take prescribed pain medication to help with discomfort.


Bandages will likely be removed after several days and you can return to normal daily activities. Los Angeles patients of monsplasty often wear a protective support panty for a few weeks. It will be approximately three to six weeks before you fully resume your daily life and exercise. Dr. Agha will advise regarding your individual recovery plan and when you can return to the gym and other activities.