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Monsplasty Surgery

What is Monsplasty?

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Monsplasty, also known as pubic lift, is a surgical procedure used to reduce and lift the Mons Pubis. Monsplasty is performed for both cosmetic and functional reasons to return the mons pubis to its original position.

The pubic mons often becomes overly large with weight gain or pregnancy. After significant weight loss, childbirth, or normal aging, the mons pubis can loose its connective tissue attachments and sag. When severe, this can interfere with getting clothes to fit, urination stream, and/or sexual relations. Monsplasty procedure reduces the sagging skin and tightens the mons tissue to create an improved appearance and restore normal function. The procedure involves excision of the pubic skin and fat horizontally at the upper edge of the pubic region. Through this incision, excess fat is removed, pubic mons is sculpted or liposuctioned, and the mons is lifted. The outcome is a smaller, more natural looking Pubic Mons.