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Nipple Inversion Correction Surgery


Can an Inverted Nipple be Corrected?

Nipple Inversion Correction– Birth deformities of the nipple are a leading motivator for women to seek out Plastic and Reconstructive surgery. A nipple deformity such as inverted nipple can be an instigator for low self-esteem, leading women to eventually seek out a qualified plastic surgeon. One of the most common nipple deformities is nipple inversion which can affect approximately 5% to 15% of women.


Nipple inversion is defined as having a nipple that has grown inward, rather than outward, from the breast mound. An inverted nipple is also commonly referred to as “invaginated.” Occasionally a woman will have nipples that are only inverted partially; these generally do not point outward from the breast as much as a typical nipple would. In some women, the inverted nipple does not project outward or inward, giving the breast a flat, and almost nipple-less appearance. Others may have inverted nipples which retract so far into the breast mound that they create a hollow or dimple in the breast itself. Nipple inversion can affect one or both breasts, and can vary in degree of severity. Nipple inversion is not harmful, although complications can arise during for breastfeeding.


Cause for Immediate Attention

A new change in nipple form and shape is of concern since it may signify a breast cancer. So if any of the following are a new change to the nipple area, an appointment with a physician must be made immediately for further testing.


Breast cancer may be present if the nipple inversion is new and

  • The nipple seems to pucker; rather than have the traditional slit shape
  • The nipple cannot be pulled out into the normal shape as it was before
  • The nipple has a change in color or texture, or appearance of ulcers or scaliness
  • If any lump or irregularity can be felt behind the nipple


Any discharge from an inverted nipple must also be evaluated by a physician. Breast cancer may be present if the discharge of the nipple:

  • Tests positive for blood in the secretion
  • The secretion comes from only one duct
  • The discharge is expressed from the nipple without squeezing it
  • The nipple has a change in color or texture, or appearance of ulcers or scaliness
  • Is present in any woman aged 60 or over


Treatment for Inverted Nipples

Although inverted nipples are not in of themselves harmful, they do cause discomfort during nursing, as well as making a woman self-conscious. A number of non-surgical methods have been described to treat nipple inversion. However, most non-surgical methods, such as manual stimulation, are only temporarily successful. Dr. Agha offers several procedures that can long-lastingly correct for nipple inversion, nipple asymmetry, as well as nipple reconstruction. Click Here to view our Video Testimonials.