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Patient Testimonials

What are real patients saying?

Abdominoplasty, and Breast Augmentation and Lift- Cindy L. on 12/26/2006

Dr. Agha is a wonderful person and an even better plastic surgeon. I was completely comfortable with him from the first time I met him. He never made me feel ashamed of my appearance or the hanging skin. At my appointments, I never felt rushed. He was willing to stay with me until all of my questions and concerns were addressed. I had a breast lift with augmentation and abdominoplasty. I couldn’t be happier with the results. He uses minimal incisions, which was a major plus as far as I am concerned. Dr. Agha is an artist who truly enjoys his work and cares about the outcome. I would definitely recommend him to others.


Abdominoplasty, Brazilian Buttock Lift, Body Contouring, Breast Augmentation, and Breast Lift by Kristina P. on 02/03/2008

I had a total body contour done in August 2007 and a breast augmentation in December. Both surgeries went very well. I was up and about in 3 days. Dr. Agha had taken away the bulge in my belly (abdominoplasty) and rolls of fat off my back (Liposuction) and restored my self-esteem. He made me look and feel so lovely and alive. Before my surgery, I was always frightened of needles, blood, cuts, or anything associated with scalpels but Dr. Agha took that fear away, too. Consequently, I am scheduled to have a rhinoplasty done next month and a facelift in May. Dr. Agha is truly a professional in his field, who works the extra mile to give his patients the best possible care and satisfaction. The Pro-Care (pre and post surgery supplement) made the healing process so fast that I did not experience any discomfort.


At first, I was a bit apprehensive about the supplement, but it turned out that it really worked. My surgery experience was fearless. Dr. Agha and his staff made me feel so relaxed and at ease the moment I stepped in the office. During my consultation, I talked to Dr. Agha about everything as if I’d known him all my life. We discussed all the possible solutions and options to best solve my problem. If you are looking for the best plastic surgeon who is, not only Board certified, but also a connoisseur with artistic vision in reconstructive surgery, Dr. Agha is the name you want to remember. BELIEVE ME! You will get the outcome that you are expecting (and then some) with Dr. Agha. I was absolutely rejuvenated, physically and mentally. Dr. Agha and his staff made me feel so special that I now believe it myself.


Every time I look in the mirror, I admire this body that Dr. Agha has sculpted into perfection. I love my body and the doctor. who gave it to me. You would love him too if you let him do your reconstructive surgery. So, call him now. My personal thanks to Dr. Agha and his staff at Hurwitz Center. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!


Body Contouring by Katrina B. on 09/18/2006

I had been searching for just the right doctor for quite some time. I live in Arizona and went to Dr. Agha’s website. He contacted me within 24 hours, and over the phone, spent time in explaining every procedure and option to me. After that phone call, even before seeing him in person, I had made the decision to have Dr. Agha do my surgery. He had made me feel more at ease with my decisions than any of the other doctors had. On my first visit to Dr. Agha, my feelings were confirmed. His office is very professional, his staff excellent, and his overall bedside manner is great! He was honest and thorough in his examination and his suggestions and made me feel even more at ease with my decision. Even being an out-of-state patient, it was not difficult to make the decision to have Dr. Agha perform my surgery. When I arrived in Pittsburgh, I was treated with the utmost care by the doctor and his staff. There was someone available 24 hours a day to answer any questions I had, and even after returning home, they were always there. I did not feel that any question was a stupid question when I called (and I’m sure several of them were pretty stupid!). I am returning to Dr. Agha to do a revision and to also have some other enhancements completed. I would not choose another doctor to help me with my transformation! Thank you, Dr. Agha and staff (Shayna and Johanna especially)!


Body Lift – My Story – 2/4/2013

I am 58-years-old, and because of age and up-and-down weight fluctuations, I had loose and saggy skin that I really wanted to be “tightened up.” I found Dr. Agha through a web search and made an appointment. Dr. Agha is an excellent surgeon, with an eye toward perfection in his work. I went in initially to discuss the spiral thigh lift and arm lift. I ended up having the thigh lift, tummy tuck, butt lift, arm lift, and breast augmentation in one eight-hour surgery. Yes, it was a lot, but everything came out beautifully. It has been now about eight months since my surgery. I am still slightly swollen in areas because of the extensive amount of work I had done, but the swelling is going down through time (and endermology treatments), and the scars are continuing to lighten. I still have follow-up appointment s to this date, checking on my progress. I always felt at home and comfortable in his office. His staff is superb. By paigemoser22


Body Lift – Very Pleased! – 2/4/2013

Dr Agha is a talented and compassionate surgeon who is also a perfectionist. His work is amazing and I am in awe of what he has done with my body. I have struggled with my weight since I was seven years old. I had been heavy most of my childhood topping the scales at over 215 pounds my freshman year in high school. Over the years, I have natural lost over 75 pounds and have kept if off for over 20 years. But losing the weight was not enough. I was still not happy with my body every time I looked in the mirror. By linewateryum on


Breast Augmentation Revision/Reconstruction by Jessica R. E. on 2/17/2008

In 2002 at the age of 18, I decided I wanted a breast lift. I was 5′3, 110 pounds, and my chest was a sagging 34C. So, I had two consultations and decided on the doctor I thought could fulfill my desire. The doctor I chose told me I would get the best results if I chose to undergo surgery for breast implants because they would enhance me more naturally, and there would be less scarring… and so I agreed, deciding on saline implants and six months after surgery I was a sagging 34D. I could not believe that he considered himself one of Pittsburgh’s finest cosmetic surgeons, telling his patients he works on supermodels.


Anyways, I was working in a hospital as a Medical Assistant on the post-operative floor and began caring for patients of Dr. Agha’s. I first thought these people are crazy because of my history with plastic surgery. But as time went on, I realized that he was a damn good surgeon, he was a perfectionist, and was flawless in each and every surgery he performed. Dr. Agha’s patients were always happy with their results, and they traveled from all over to have him as their doctor. I began some research of my own, and the articles I read about him were exceptional. So, not only did I see his work firsthand, but I was able to hear about the experience from his patients, and I knew about Dr. Agha’s medical background.


In 2007, I finally had enough courage to tell Dr. Agha about my problem. I explained how I had previous breast augmentation, and in 2006, I had my daughter, which caused even more sagging. I noticed the implants had rippled, causing some pain. Dr. Agha called his office and made me an appointment. I was looking forward to the consultation but was nervous having to show the part of my body I was most embarrassed about. When I arrived to the office, the atmosphere was both elegant and comfortable. The staff was friendly yet professional. During my consultation, Dr. Agha explained what he would have to do in order to correct my breasts. He explained the procedures in detail and the risks involved. Dr. Agha is an outstanding communicator. He took the time to understand what I wanted and addressed my concerns. He made me feel completely at ease. When I made the decision to go ahead with the procedures, I felt absolutely confident to be under his care. He asked me to go back to my previous cosmetic surgeon, who I have now discovered not to be a PLASTIC SURGEON to see what advice he would give me. His response was: sometimes this happens and to fix my breasts would cost around $7000.00. I could not believe he had the nerve to actually think I would allow him to perform surgery on me again to fix his mistake. I relayed the message to Dr. Agha, and he didn’t seem surprised. I think he wanted to show me the kind of surgeon I chose: an arrogant ass.


The first procedure I had to undergo with Dr. Agha was implant removal. He then had me wait four weeks before breast augmentation to allow my skin to shrink. The four weeks passed, and it was clear how much damage the previous implants did by not being placed properly. I soon had surgery for breast augmentation. This time I chose silicone gel-filled implants. When Dr. Agha first revealed my breasts, I was speechless. I loved them and him for doing such a wonderful job. Dr. Agha explained that my breasts might sag some after the swelling went down because there was so much skin. After several months, I went back to the office. My breasts did pull the incision around the nipples, making the scar wider then he liked. So, he decided to perform a revision of the scars and planned to tighten the skin. The results once again were amazing; they even surprised him. I have not completely healed, but I know the results will be fantastic.


I want to express my appreciation of his excellence. It has been my good fortune to have had such an excellent doctor for my, unfortunately, numerous surgeries/procedures in the past year. I am absolutely thrilled with the results and his follow-up care. I will definitely refer anyone and everyone considering plastic surgery to Dr. Agha. This being a word of advice for future patients hoping for a speedy recovery: protein, protein, protein!! Dr. Agha: he is the man.


Breast Reconstruction by W.T. on 03/01/2008

My name is Wendy, and I am a breast cancer survivor. In January of 2006, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in my right breast. At the time I opted to have a bilateral mastectomy. I was so preoccupied by surviving that I didn’t give a lot of thought to how not having breasts would make me feel – I no longer felt like a woman. I didn’t want my husband to see me. As a matter of fact, I encouraged him to leave because of what was ahead. Thank God he didn’t. It was very hard to move on when every time I looked in the mirror I saw a cancer patient, not someone who had breast cancer. After going through a period of feeling sorry for myself, I knew if I wanted my life back, I had to fight. That’s when I started researching my options regarding reconstruction. I also was fortunate enough to have several relatives who had surgeries performed by Dr. Agha and Dr. Hurwitz.


Through my research and personal recommendations, I felt very confident in contacting Dr. Agha for a consultation. I was met with a feeling of hope and confidence that they would do everything possible to restore my breasts. Because of my radiation treatments, my options were limited and a more complicated procedure needed to be done. Dr. Agha took tissue from my back and made flaps for the insertion of expanders on each side. It was a very long and complicated surgery (approximately 10 hours), and my body could have rejected the tissue and not accepted the blood flow if it were not for the tedious, painstaking measures Dr. Agha took. Fortunately the surgery was a success. I have had several surgeries since then to insert the implants, revisions, and creating an areola and nipple. Dr. Agha is a perfectionist, which is exactly why I chose to go there in the first place. I believe I have one more minor surgery to perfect my right breast, then I will have the area tattooed, and I will be done!!! To sum things up, Dr. Agha along with his staff are very compassionate doctors and people with the knowledge and skill to care for patients. HE GAVE ME BACK MY WOMANHOOD, and I will never forget how he has changed my life.


Krista Roberts, June 2013

Dr. Agha is an artist of exceptional talent. When I had lap-band surgery my goal was simply to be comfortable with my body again. I lost over 100 pounds and I was pretty comfortable being naked again. Except for my breasts, which looked like they came from a centerfold in National Geographic. I did my research and went to a few consultations with other plastic surgeons. One spent only 10 minutes on the consultation and offered no before and after pictures and another wasn’t interested in what I wanted at all and ignored me and simply told me how it would be done. I continued to look and found Dr. Agha through an e-mail from the New Program where I had my weight loss surgery. I went to his website and his before and after photos were beautiful, far better than anything I had seen before and his credentials were exemplary. Searching online I saw that his reviews were excellent and that his patients really liked him as a person. I made an appointment for a consultation and have been grateful I did ever since. Dr. Agha spent almost an hour with me on my consultation and gave me various options to choose from. His interest in what I wanted was genuine and he spent a lot of time simply listening. He is an engaging man with a wonderful personality, a great sense of humor he uses to put you at ease, and is very easy to talk to. He explains procedures in full detail, so much so that when I went in for my pre-op I barely had any questions because he had already answered them in detail. In the end I decided to have a lift and augmentation to achieve what I wanted.


His staff is also phenomenal; Danielle is friendly and kind and makes you comfortable immediately. Shireen, the surgery coordinator is amazing. Talking to her is like talking to an old friend, she goes above and beyond to be as helpful as possible and is always available to answer any questions you may have. So it is now four weeks since my surgery and my new breasts are BEAUTIFUL!!! I was confident Dr. Agha would do an amazing job going into the surgery, but he has exceeded all of my expectations. They were beautiful even the first week when they were still all beat up from surgery and they just get better with each passing day. Every surgeon I spoke to including Dr. Agha said I would need to have my nipples grafted to get the results I wanted and that I would more than likely lose all feeling in my nipples. This was something that I accepted, but Dr. Agha did not and found a way to do it without grafting them and they are perfect and I have full feeling. This more than proves Dr. Agha’s dedication to his patients and his craft, this is a surgeon who is innovative and is never willing to except anything other than extraordinary. His post-op care has been wonderful and he continues to take his time and gives instructions and answers questions in full detail. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for unparalleled results and a comfortable and friendly plastic surgery experience. I said it before and I’ll say it again, Dr. Agha is an artist of exceptional talent.


Lower Body Lift and Buttock Augmentation by Renee S. on 01/20/2008

Words cannot fully express the complete satisfaction that I feel towards Dr. Agha and his staff at the Hurwitz Center for Plastic Surgery. Dr. Agha is a true professional at body repair/revision. I believe him to be a perfectionist in his field of “body art.” He restores what time and obesity have taken away. To say he is a kind person is an understatement. Dr. Agha and his staff are beautiful both inside and out. They made me feel comfortable and special. No task was left to chance. He explained everything clearly and made sure he answered all of my questions. He made me feel like there was light at the end of the tunnel. It has been a long tunnel, for me it started almost 10 years ago with my GBP surgery. He has made me feel beautiful for the first time in my life. That is not an overstatement. I had been obese since I was in the 4th grade. I was 27 when I had my gastric bypass. Even after all of the weight loss, I still hated my lower half. It had a lot of sagging skin. My buttocks was just horrible, and the outside of my legs looked like I was carrying enough food in my saddle bags for two people! Dr. Agha reassured me that he could fix my problem, and I could wear a bikini (in public) for the first time in my life! He was a miracle worker. He is more critical of his work than I am. He is so good at what he does. I have had many surgeries in my life and dealt with many surgeons. I can say one thing for sure, none of them were of the caliber of Dr. Agha. I am so grateful to Dr. Agha and so pleased to have found him. THANK YOU, Dr. Agha and your staff of truly wonderful people!


Mommy Makeover by Rebecca R. on 03/16/2008

After gaining 60 pounds with the pregnancy of my son, I seemed to lose the “baby weight” quickly at the age of 25. Keeping active and in shape throughout my twenties seemed to be done with little effort. Even though I did not have stretch marks from my excessive weight gain during pregnancy, I did have what I called a “pitted” look all over my stomach. An analogy that describes it best is: you cannot deflate a balloon and expect it to look like new.


Nearing 40, I began to realize it became harder to maintain my usual weight and size 6 figure. Each year I exercised and ate less, but I still seemed to gain weight and lose tone. Finally, when I could drop 10 extra pounds, my breasts also dropped and my stomach seemed to look even worse. It was as if the elasticity in my skin was gone. Even though my clothes fit once again, the “mushroom” bulge that hung over my jeans and dress pants started to annoy me even more. I became more frustrated and depressed daily and worked out harder and harder. Getting up at 5:30 a.m. daily just to fit in the workout, my frustration level rose day by day.


After researching traditional liposuction, abdominoplasty, breast lifts, and breast augmentation, I decided I was going to go for it. I scheduled consultations with several doctors, but was most impressed and comfortable with Dr. Agha. After meeting him, I was certain he was the one I wanted to perform the surgeries. I had a breast lift, liposuction, and tummy tuck by Dr. Agha. After two months of recovering from surgery, I began to see the incredible results of Dr. Agha’s touch. My jeans and pants fit like never before. I have a waistline that I do not think I ever had even in high school. My breasts, one size bigger, are perky and my husband thinks they look the best ever! The scars will take time to heal, but each day they look more faint. I can hardly wait until the six months point and see how the results have evolved.


All in all, I do not regret my decision to have plastic surgery and feel more confident and youthful because of it. Dr. Agha gets my highest recommendation, and I would tell any woman that it truly gives you back the figure you used to have or the one you always dreamed of.


Total Body Lift by Kelly S. on 07/26/2007

Dr. Agha is an artist; he has a wonderful eye for aesthetics and has a complete vision for each body that he sculpts. I have had a lower body lift, breast reduction, mini-facelift, vertical thighplasty, brachioplasty, and a couple of other things that I don’t even know the names for. Dr. Agha has been very patient as I tend to be very outspoken and probably just downright difficult. I couldn’t ask for an overall better experience; I am absolutely thrilled with my new body, and as I finish recuperating, my admiration for Dr. Agha continues to grow. Thanks especially to Shayna and Michelle…they have very unique and specialized jobs, and honestly, I don’t think that the place would, or could, run without them.


Total Body Lift by Mark G. on 03/17/2007

From the time of my first consultation at the Hurwitz center on December 21st, 2006 to present, my experiences with Dr. Agha have been excellent. If I had to describe Dr. Agha in just a few words, they would be compassionate, meticulous, and innovative with technology. Dr. Agha and Johanna Weber (surgical coordinator at the Hurwitz center) were very sensitive to my need to have this surgery after loosing 130 pounds the old fashion way. I lost the weight by changing my nutritional regimen (high protein and fiber intake and staying away from highly processed empty calorie foods) and adding a lot of activity and exercise. I prefer not to use the four letter word DIET as it is thought of as something temporary, and “temporary” is a word that I prefer not to be used to describe these lifestyle changes. I strongly recommend scheduling a consultation with Dr. Agha if you are considering having surgery to remove excess skin after weight loss. Although I had my surgery very recently I am very pleased so far with the progress. My recovery has been progressing much faster than I expected. I am sure that being in good physical condition, from exercise and good nutrition, including the protein supplements from the Hurwitz center, is helping greatly with a speedy recovery. I am confident that the end results will be excellent. If asked if I would do it again, I would say YES!!! Thank you to Dr. Agha, Johanna, and Michelle.


Total Body Lift by Nadia S. on 10/18/2006

Dr. Agha is an amazing surgeon. From the moment I first spoke with him, I was completely comfortable with him, not only as a doctor, but as a person. He has also proven to be a highly skilled surgeon. After my significant weight loss, I was left with a great deal of loose skin. I was very active and fit, but still felt I looked fat. I hated looking into a mirror. I researched many plastic surgeons and decided on Dr. Agha after meeting with him. He performed a total body lift on me in March of 2006. I am beyond happy with my results. My scarring is minimal and my new shape is amazing. No longer am I ashamed to wear a swimsuit or worry about tucking looose skin into my jeans. His staff is also excellent. Everyone in the office is truly concerned about your well-being and always willing to help out. They truly care about you as a person, not just as a patient. Dr. Agha has a great deal of experience in working with obese/formerly obese patients. He is patient and will answer any question you give to him in detail. He is very thorough in explaining (in non-medical terms!) exactly what each procedure entails. I am beyond happy that I found Dr. Agha and the Hurwitz center. I look and feel amazing. My hips and back no longer hurt from the excess skin, and I love showing off my new body!


Total Body Lift by Renae P. 01/24/2008

After losing 145 pounds following gastric bypass surgery I was left with folds of sagging skin. After doing months of research online, I decided to have Dr. Agha of the Hurwitz Center do my surgery. I traveled 800 miles from Alabama to Pittsburgh to have Dr. Agha do a total body lift, face and neck lift in two separate operations. Dr. Agha and his staff are wonderful in helping with all arrangements for out-of-town patients – travel to and from the airport, discounted hotel stays, etc. Either the doctor or a nurse comes by frequently to see exactly how you are doing during your stay. While I could have found a doctor much closer to where I live do the cosmetic procedures, I truly do not believe I would have had the results that I have with Dr. Agha. He is truly passionate about his work, and he really wants you to look like a masterpiece. I believe if you look at pictures of his work, you, too, will agree that he is one of the best plastic surgeons. I believe as gastric bypass patients, our needs are so much different from someone just wanting a little liposuction or a tummy tuck. You want a surgeon who has dealt with the major issues that we have experienced following such massive weight loss. Dr. Agha can address all of your concerns and you, too, will be as pleased as I am with his work. His staff and especially his assistant Shayna are wonderful in answering all questions, emails, and telephone calls promptly and efficiently. I am very satisfied that all of my months of researching to find the best plastic surgeon for my needs led me to Dr. Agha and the Hurwitz Center. Do your own research, and I believe you will wind up in the same place I did


– Pittsburgh with Dr. Agha!!!


TUBA Breast Augmentation by C.M. on 11/11/2007

For many years, I contemplated whether or not to get breast augmentations. I wanted bigger breasts, but I had so many questions and concerns. I have a small frame and was afraid that breast augmentations would make me look too fake. I was also concerned that augmented breasts might get in the way of my active lifestyle. Other questions were running around in my mind, such as: would my breasts be symmetrical, and what about scarring? I saw on TV so many horror stories of women’s breasts not looking right and causing serious health problems. Knowing that there are doctors out there who don’t have the right training as plastic surgeons can really discourage a person.


When I decided to go for a consultation with Dr. Agha, my fears and concerns were erased. I could tell he was a perfectionist and had the right education and experience in this profession. He helped me pick out a breast size that was suitable for my body type. He also wanted to put the implants under the muscle to give them a more natural look. Since I was concerned about scarring, he also explained a new procedure called a Transumbilical Breast Augmentation (TUBA). With this procedure, he would go in through my belly button, so there would be no scarring.


I decided to go through with the TUBA procedure, and I couldn’t be happier. My breasts look natural, perfectly symmetrical, and I don’t have any scars on my body from the procedure. I was back to work four days after the surgery, and I returned to my active lifestyle after a few weeks. Since my procedure, my career as a model has greatly improved. I now do a lot of lingerie and bikini runway shows for well known designers and have been in many national magazines for lingerie and fitness. I owe a world of thanks to Dr. Agha. He helped boost my confidence and my career!


Crystal B

Dr. Agha possesses tremendous knowledge and skill in relation to reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. He carefully evaluates each patient’s requests and status. Dr. Agha is a master artisan and will settle for nothing less than perfection with his work. I am thrilled with my results and my transformation! I unabashedly recommend him to anyone considering a body lift, breast lift, spiral thigh lift, Brazilian buttock lift, arm lift, abdominoplasty or any other procedure. He can and will perform all to his exacting standards!


Alan S

Dr. Agha is the most decent most caring, sweetest person I must say. Just going there seeing him you feel at home. He is honest and his work is amazing. If you’re looking for honest opinions and beautiful work only him. Dr. Agha cares very much for his work and loves to make people pretty! This is the only surgeon anyone should go to! Also everyone in that office truly our professional and helpful great experience with everything. Wish you guys the best love you!


Tati A

I had a breast lift (my third one) with Dr. Agha last May, 2011. After a few botched surgeries done by other plastic surgeons, Dr. Agha’s was the lift that truly worked and was delivered as promised.


Besides a few differences of opinion (which is natural) over a menial thing a (an extremely “slight” asymmetry in markings) the procedure went wonderfully. I had breasts that were extremely saggy and stretched out and Dr. Agha used his new technique on me in which he used some of my loose abdominal skin to re-build some shape into my breasts and lift them up where they haven’t been in years, without implants!


My breasts went from down on the floor to nice, high, and definitely shapely, and I would definitely trust Dr. Agha to do any surgery on me again. If you read information about him, you will see that he truly knows his stuff, and when you meet him you will have no doubt that he’ll do a great job.


Sarah D

Sometimes a scar is a beautiful reminder of where you’ve been and who you are. I can’t tell you the freedom my surgery by Dr. Agha has given me; I will simply say that for once in my life I feel beautiful and normal. I don’t apologize for my body and I certainly don’t hate it. My body is a work of art, co-created by hard work and the artistic talent of Dr. Agha. Thank you for everything.


Susan R

I am so grateful that I found Dr. Agha during my search for a plastic surgeon. I don’t want to completely gush, but I truly think he is the best. Dr. Agha has done several procedures on me already, and we are nearly done with “my list”. I am in my forties, and after childbirth- and weight gain and loss, I found many things I was very unhappy with about myself. I work out very hard and am very strong, but some things just cannot be corrected in the gym. I decided for me, life was too short to not be comfortable in my own skin. My procedures have included: lower body lift, breasts, upper arms, lower face and neck, and nose. I went into this whole process with very realistic expectations, and I can honestly say that my outcome/s have well exceeded my expectations. From Day 1 consultation I felt at so comfortable with Dr. Agha. And that is saying something for me, I am a very body-conscious person and even am uncomfortable around female physicians.


He is professional yet so real, and will explain everything to you in lay person’s language. He is so knowledgeable, yet has a wonderful sense of humor that puts you at ease. I have complete trust in his skills and his decision making. Each procedure has come with the expected tough recoveries, and even pain and soreness. I even had a minor complication with one of my surgeries, but Dr. Agha used an abundance of caution, and it has healed beautifully. A few of my family and close friends know all about my procedures, but the majority of those in my circle have no clue. And most comments I get are how good I look, but none of them suspect I had surgery. And I love that, my results are excellent, but natural. I do not regret one thing, and if I had it to do all over again, the only thing I would change is I would have done it sooner. For me it has been worth every penny and given me confidence through the roof. I not only love Dr. Agha, but the whole staff make you feel welcome and like old friends


Mich C

There is not enough I can say about how amazing Dr. Agha is. He is truly a skilled specialist and I’m forever grateful to him. I had lost 85lbs when I was 21 years old. And for the following 15 years, I was unaware that I was carrying around loose skin; I honestly viewed myself as someone who was stuck with this body and unable to change it…and then when I could no longer take it, I started doing my research. Reading the words “lower body lift” was as if the computer was talking directly to me. I was elated and relieved. I started talking to friends and clients who have been to plastic surgeons and some who have had weight loss surgeries and got a few referrals. I researched these doctors and became so discouraged. On one of these doctors websites, one who is a “specialist” in body lifts following massive weight loss, the after pictures of his clients were so horrible, I thought no way am I having this surgery if this is how I would end up looking. No attention or detail to aesthetics what-so-ever. I even went to another doctor for a consult (she charges $100 just for a 15 minute meeting) and she would NOT show me any before and after pictures. How odd is that? Why on earth would a doctor be so secretive about their work? After finding Dr. Agha’s website, I knew I struck gold! Pictures really do speak a thousand words and his after pictures are the most accurate indication of the doctors’ work.


Upon meeting Dr. Agha, I was immediately at ease and convinced this was the guy for me. He is so kind, so attentive, and so informative. There was no rush (and no charge) in our consult and I booked my surgery that day with Shireen, his coordinator, who is probably the sweetest, most adorable, most responsive and professionally relatable woman I’ve ever met. Any question you have, she is there. I could literally sit in her office and talk with her for hours about anything and everything. Their support is unparalleled to anything I’ve ever experienced before. Dr. Agha and his office staff fully prepped me every bit of the way prior to surgery and put me in touch with Pamela at Prive for my aftercare, which I stayed at for 4 nights and it was the best decision ever. I had a lower body lift which included the tummy tuck, spiral thigh lift and fat to butt transfer. I am now a walking billboard for this doctor’s incredible skillful hand! I want to strip for anyone who is willing to look at the new me, at the transformation Dr. Agha gave me. I am positively thrilled with my results. Better than I ever dreamt of. I had a follow up surgery exactly one year later to the date for a few nips n tucks. I adore Dr. Agha so much (and so does my mom, who he always was able to put at ease as its not easy watching your only child go under), that we greet him with hugs and kisses every single time. He is truly a gem. We live in West LA and don’t even think twice about making the hour drive down to his office, as he is worth every bit. This is what Dr. Agha does, and he is really really good at what he does. Not enough good can be said about Dr. Agha and his team. Not enough.


Lesley L

Dr. Agha is a gifted artist, and as such, he can examine your physical body and see ways to enhance your figure, even concerning the most difficult body issues presented. His surgery skills are excellent and my surgical outcome was even better than I had anticipated. My incisional areas were well placed, healed beautifully, and the scars are disappearing rapidly. Dr. Agha takes the time to know you as a person and fully understand your specific goals. He is a dear physician who communicates clearly and concisely. There are no surprises with the procedures he performs. He promises no miracles, yet his surgical talent often creates miraculous results. That was how I felt about the results from my surgery. Based on my outcome, I have complete confidence in Dr. Agha and will return to his care for any future plastic surgery that I may need. Dr. Agha’s staff, supervised by Shireen, is quite simply the best. They always have time to listen and handle any problems or questions that you may have. They make you feel valued and important, and strive to make your experience positive. Five stars for Dr. Agha and his staff!

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