Plastic Surgery and Smoking Newport Beach, Orange County

Plastic Surgery and Smoking


Dr. Siamak Agha – Plastic Surgeon Newport Beach, Orange County

Before your planned procedure, it is best to cease smoking for three weeks before and three weeks after the surgery. This is because nicotine has been shown to cause constriction (narrowing) of the small blood vessels in the skin. This compromises the blood supply to the incised and healing tissue, the survival of which depends totally or in part on the circulation in that area. Reduction of that blood flow can cause reduced or slower healing, blistering of the skin, or in the worst cases, actual loss of tissue.


If you have either stopped smoking very recently or have been unable to stop completely, you must accept these risks if you wish to proceed with surgery.


If a problem occurs after surgery, Dr. Agha and the office staff pledge to care for you in resolving the problem to the best of their abilities. It is imperative that you are candid with us about this matter.