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Orange County Plastic Surgeon – Patient Referral Program


Refer a Friend – Newport Beach Plastic Surgery

Because plastic surgery is a very personal decision, our referral program is personal and relationship-based. When you are pleased with the service and outcome of your procedure and discuss it with your family and friends, you may receive questions and comments that identify potential patients for our services. Suggest to these individuals that they call for a complimentary consultation and use your name as a referral source.


Dr. Siamak Agha would like to thank his patients who refer their friends for surgery with a $500 Gift Card towards a future plastic surgery procedure.


Following are the guidelines for Patient Referrals:

  • Referral must be a new patient who has never been to the practice.

  • The referred patient must use your full name when scheduling their consultation appointment.

  • The referral gift card is not transferable and can only be used by the referring patient.

  • Your referral reward can only be used for future surgeries; it cannot be applied as a payment on an outstanding balance from a previous surgery.

  • Your referral gift card cannot be combined with any other discount; it can be used for a future undiscounted surgery.

  • Your referral gift card can be applied to Dr. Agha’s surgeon’s fees only; hospital and anesthesia costs are the patient’s responsibility.

  • We will issue you a $500 Gift Card for each referral and all credits can be applied to a single cosmetic surgery over $3000.

  • Your $500 gift card will be received once the referred patient has completed their service.


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