A mother’s tummy usually will have lost many features of a pre-pregnancy abdomen.  Typically, there is excess abdominal skin, sagging of pubic area, loss of waist concavity, and separated abdominal muscles.  When you explore it further, the whole abdominal contour is altered.  Instead of being a 3-dimensional contour, the abdomen is flatter, wider, longer, and less defined.  Also, many mothers develop hernia of their umbilicus while pregnant.

The hi-def tummy tuck is Dr. Agha’s answer to the loss of abdominal definitions and femininity after pregnancy.  The hi-def tummy tuck has an incision that is 1 to 1.5 inches lower than the standard tummy tuck, corrects pubic sagging, and restores a three-dimensional, natural, and beautiful shape to the female abdomen- as seen in the extensive before and after gallery.  We guarantee that your incisions can be hidden in a low cut bikini, underwear, or pants.


After pregnancy, breasts may lose their youthful shape, position, and firmness. Breast sagging occurs as a result of the loosening of the skin and ligaments within the breast tissue. In our practice, a variety of options are offered for every breast shape, size, or mismatch.  From aesthetic to reconstructive breast surgery, rest assured that Dr. Agha is well versed in every breast surgery option. If you have no or mild breast sagging, then breast augmentation with implants or breast fat transfer may be a great option for those who desire a larger breast size.  If a breast lift or breast lift with breast reduction is needed, Dr. Agha’s co-pioneered dermal bra suspension technique employs internal bra creation to lift, shapen, and project breasts that are round and perky.


If you are still battling with loss of curves and those stubborn fat pockets, liposuction of back, flanks, and thighs can not only help you with a more balanced shape but can also create curves and add to your three-dimensional feminine shape.  Combine that with expert artistic eyes of Dr. Agha, liposculpture of your body can further sculpt shape to your abdomen, form to your thighs, and curves to your waist or lower back.


Now, what about taking fat from unwanted places and adding it to wanted places. A Brazilian butt lift is a procedure that is designed to fill the buttocks with your own fat so that the final overall shape is a lifted and rounded contourA hi-def Brazilian butt lift is Dr. Agha’s approach to creating definition between the lower back and upper buttocks while enhancing your buttocks projection, roundness and perkiness.  Because the areas receiving liposuction are now leaner and sculpted, your full and round buttocks will become the beautiful highlight of your sensuous new shape.


Many mothers develop a small hernia under or around their navel with each pregnancy.  This can persist in some patients and gradually enlargen with abdominal work out exercises.  During your mommy makeover, if an umbilical hernia exists, Dr. Agha will repair the hernia during the tummy tuck procedure, saving you from an external scar on the navel area.


Finally, some mothers may wish to complete their mommy makeover with a labia reduction surgery or vaginal tightening procedure.  Again, we offer what you desire like no other.