Seri-Mesh Breast Augmentation Revision Newport Beach, Orange County

Seri-Mesh Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery

What is Seri-Mesh Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery?

Use of Seri-Mesh in Breast Augmentation Revision

Breast Implant Exchange– Created by Allergan, Seri Mesh is a safe, bio-engineered form of silk. FDA approved since 2009, Seri Mesh is a Surgical Scaffold that acts very similarly to a net. Seri Surgical Scaffold is used as a soft tissue support and repair to reinforce areas of weakness that require addition of material to obtain the desired surgical result. SERI provides for immediate physical and mechanical stabilization of a tissue defect through its strength and porous (scaffold-like) construction. It is designed to hold the breast and breast implants firmly in place, while simultaneously promoting neovascularization (growth of new blood vessels) and native tissue generation. As new tissue grows into Seri, the scaffold is slowly resorbed by the body and completely removed after 1-2 years. In other words, the mesh keeps the breast in place while helping the body restore the tissues and support around it so that the breast doesn’t move or change shape as often.

Given that most women seek out breast implants in order to feel more confident with their bodies and their chest, the more that these issues can be reduced, the better. Seri-Mesh, then, provides a much needed extra support system, and that allows your body to maintain the shape that you hoped to achieve from your breast augmentation surgery, while possibly reducing the risk of complications in the future.

Seri-Mesh and Other Body Support

There are other options available beyond Seri Mesh, but most women prefer Seri Mesh because it is not derived from animal products (some support procedures take their materials from deceased human cadavers, which is certainly not everyone’s forte). This is a bioengineered form of silk, so no animals were involved in the making of Seri-Mesh, which makes it a friendlier option for those that want to avoid any environmental impacts of their implants.

Deciding if Seri Surgical Scaffold is Right For You

You and your doctor should discuss all of the available procedures for breast enhancement surgery before you choose Seri-Mesh, because every body type, age, and breast structure has its own unique needs, challenges, and possibilities. Seri-Mesh may be a great option for those that want to reduce the risk of breast movement, but it does require and added expense, and those that are allergic to silk may want to try other options. You’ll also only want to use Seri Mesh if you’re working with a trusted board certified plastic surgeon. The process does involve training in order to achieve the desired results.

Nevertheless, the Seri Mesh procedure is a very effective one, and the FDA has deemed it safe for maintaining your breast shape. If you’re interested in learning more about Seri Mesh in Southern California, call the offices of Dr. Siamak Agha today at 949-393-4213 for your Breast Augmentation Revision. We will assist in the breast implant exchange recovery process as well. Click Here to view our Breast Gallery.