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Laser Liposuction/Smart Liposuction Surgery


What is Laser Liposuction or Smart Lipo?

Laser liposuction, also known as smart lipo or lunchtime liposuction is one of the latest fat removing procedures to hit the market. It uses a laser beam to dissolve fatty tissue and tighten the skin. The laser liquefies the fat, which is then gradually removed by the white blood cells and the liver. It’s different from other liposuction procedures since the surgeon does not make incisions to suction the liquefied fat out. The treatment can be performed in thirty to sixty minutes under local anesthesia.


However, it’s also a treatment that has a rather hit-and-miss track record when it comes to overall effectiveness. Also, it takes longer to perform the procedure due to the need to use a small fiber-optic cannula and thus is recommended for smaller areas. To learn more visit: laser lipo.


As a result, the costs tend to add up with Laser lipo compared with traditional liposuction because multiple procedures may be required to achieve a desirable result, but the procedure has the added bonus of tightening the skin where the fiber-optic laser has been used. The patient should keep in mind that since the liquefied fat is not actually suctioned out, the body may take six to eight weeks to show the final results as the body slowly processes and eliminates the fat and the swelling subsides.


Another benefit of laser liposuction is the ability to gel together the loose ends of the small blood vessels upon contact with the fiber-optic cannula laser. This helps to minimize the post-procedure bleeding and swelling. With laser liposuction, the patient can immediately return to their normal routines since they will have had local rather than general anesthetic and less swelling and pain than with traditional liposuction. It is important for the patient to understand that due to the relatively small size of the cannula used in laser liposuction, for larger areas of stubborn fat, laser lipo is not recommended. Do you have additional questions about laser liposuction? Call to schedule your complimentary consultation with Board Certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Agha, in his Plastic Surgery Body Contouring Center in Newport Beach (949) 644-2442.


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