Thighplasty – Thigh Lift Newport Beach, Orange County

Thighplasty – Thigh Lift Surgery


What is Thighplasty/Thigh Lift Surgery?

Newport Beach Thighplasty – Details of a Thigh Lift
A thigh lift usually takes two to three hours when performed by Dr. Agha. The lateral thigh lift combined with a lower body lift may, however, take five to six hours. After you have changed into a gown and had your intravenous line started, Dr. Agha will mark certain landmarks on your thigh and pelvic bone in the pre-operative area. This ensures proper planning for the site of the thigh lift incision and liposuction. He will also review the entire operative plan with you, including potential complications. You will then be given a dose of intravenous antibiotics as a precautionary measure.


What happens during thigh lift surgery?

 Thighplasty - Thigh Lift Newport Beach Image 1Step 1 – Anesthesia:
Thigh lifts are usually performed under general anesthesia. After initiation of anesthesia in the operating room, Dr. Agha will inject a solution of local anesthetics known as “tumescent solution” at the intended incision site, the surgical site, and sites that are marked for liposuction. The injection solution consists of a low concentration of lidocaine and epinephrine. The lidocaine will numb the surgical site, and the epinephrine causes constriction of the blood vessels at the surgical site, reducing the potential for bleeding and bruising. Liposuction is performed to reduce the fat content of the inner thigh and surrounding area.


Step 2 – The incision
Medial thigh lift:
Dr. Agha will make the necessary incisions to remove excess thigh skin and fat. Your incisions will be well-hidden in the groin crease area. The excess inner thigh tissue is then removed by creating a second incision on the thigh parallel to the groin crease. The inner thigh tissue is then advanced all the way to the groin crease and secured in position using multiple stitches. Dr. Agha will then carefully reconstruct your groin crease. Failure to do so results in labial stretching and flattening of the vulva.


Lateral thigh lift: This procedure is typically performed as part of a lower body lift surgery. The incision of the lower body lift extends from the front, over the upper-outer thigh, across the upper buttocks to the mid-back. A second incision is made at a higher position. Through these incisions, the excess abdominal, waist, upper thigh, and lower back tissues are removed. The whole lower trunk is elevated, through a buttock lift and a thigh lift of the outer and front surfaces. The upper back and upper abdominal tissues are stretched down to meet the lower incisions.


Vertical thighplasty: Dr. Agha will make an incision along the inner side of your thigh from the groin area to the inner knee area. Through these incisions, the thigh will be liposuctioned and the excess thigh tissue will be excised. The incisions are then closed in layers. Step 3 – Closing the incisions


Step 3 – Closing the incisions
The incisions are carefully closed to minimize your scar. Dr. Agha places all his sutures beneath the skin where they are gradually absorbed by your body. Not having to undergo suture removal has improved patient comfort and satisfaction.


Step 4 – Dressings
A sterile dressing is applied to the incisions, and a compression garment is placed on you. This compression garment helps support your lower body during healing, decreases post-operative swelling, and helps decrease any bruising that may occur.