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TUBA Breast Enlargement Procedure Information Newport Beach, Orange County


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TUBA Breast Enlargement Procedure Information


What is TUBA Breast Enlargement Surgery?

TUBA Breast Enlargement Procedure Information

A small incision is made longitudinally deep within the navel, so the scar will not be visible. An obturator is then used to create a tunnel under the abdominal soft tissue to the level of the breast crease. Using the obturator, Dr. Agha creates an appropriate plane under the mammary gland tissue or the pectoralis major muscle. An endoscope is then used to visually confirm the proper location of the tunnel and plane of dissection. Next, an appropriately sized breast expander is guided through the abdominal tunnel into the dissected breast plane. The specialized breast expander is then inflated with sterile saline solution. During the inflation of the expander, the shape of the breast is externally manipulated into a desired shape. The expanders are then deflated and removed. The final implants are then inserted into the tunnel and gently guided into the created breast pocket. Southern California plastic surgeon Dr. Agha then fills the implants with sterile saline using a closed fill system. The fill tube is then withdrawn from the self-sealing valve of each implant. The single belly button incision is then closed with sutures, which the body will dissolve, and a light waist compression dressing is placed to ensure collapse of the tunnels.


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