Tummy Tuck Irvine, Orange County

Tummy Tuck Irvine


What is Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Abdonimoplasty, also known as the “tummy tuck,” is one of the most well known procedures in plastic surgery – and for good reason, because it is has long been one of the most effective ways to change your body shape when you are struggling with age related stretching, fat pockets, pregnancy weight, and more.


Tummy tucks are not a weight loss solution. They are a way of shaping the stomach to create a flatter, healthier looking stomach that gives the impression of youth, and builds confidence in those that have been struggling with their body shape. Irvine residents that want to feel more confident in their body often opt for a tummy tuck as their way of contouring their look and experiencing more confidence in themselves. If you’re interested in an Irvine Tummy Tuck, contact us today.


Tummy Tuck Procedure

The tummy tuck procedure involves cutting an incision in the hip, removing excess skin and fat in the abdomen, tightening the abdominal wall, and then possibly using liposuction to shape the abdomen, love handles, and hips so that the end result is a more natural looking stomach. It is a surgical procedure, so it is performed under anesthesia by a trained medical professional.


Things to Know Before an Irvine Tummy Tuck

Becoming an informed patient is very important. That is why you should do your research, talk to your plastic surgeon, and make sure that you understand everything that will be involved with your tummy tuck and the way you continue making progress on your body shape. Some important considerations include:

  • Scarring – Scarring is very common with tummy tucks. Incisions are made near the pelvic bone so that scars can easily be hidden in a bikini bottom or boxers, but scarring does occur and can take a while to lighten. Those prone to more visible scarring will need to consider this before they undergo their Irvine tummy tuck.

  • Recovery – Tummy tucks also do take a recovery period, sometimes as long as 4 weeks, and possibly longer. It is very important that you do not get a tummy tuck right before a wedding, for example, as the tummy tuck may not have healed in time to enjoy the “look.” Like all surgeries, tummy tucks may also have complications. That is why it is important to discuss your candidacy with Dr. Agha.

  • Additional Services – Tummy tucks may also be combined with other services. For example, tummy tucks may be completed as part of a mommy makeover, or with liposuction to help complete the look. You may also want to consider hernia repair, especially if you struggled with hernias after weight gain.


Tummy tucks are also an art form, which is why many people from Irvine travel to Plastic Surgery Newport Beach, because we are a local plastic surgery center with excellent results for those trying to change their body shape. If you’re interested in learning more about our Irvine abdominoplasty services, call us today at 949-558-2896.