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Types of Arm Lift Surgery Newport Beach, Orange County


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Types of Arm Lift Surgery


What are the different types of Arm Lift Surgery?

Limited Arm Lift (limited brachioplasty) – This arm lift procedure is often called a Los Angeles arm lift and is most suited to patients who mainly have loose skin with minimal excess tissue. The limited arm lift incision is placed within the armpit. Excess skin is removed through a well-hidden scar. Typically, prior to a Los Angeles arm lift, Dr. Agha will perform liposuction to remove excess fatty tissue. Next, the mild-to-moderate skin laxity will be removed through a diamond-shaped incision placed within the armpit crease. Closing the arm-lift incision and reconstructing the crease results in the elevation of the arm skin toward the armpit. Board Certified Los Angeles arm lift expert, Dr. Agha, anchors the arm lift incision to the underlying armpit tissue to prevent migration of the scar. While the limited Los Angeles Arm Lift works well for milder arm laxity, most patients do not benefit much from this procedure. This is because arm skin and tissue laxity often presents as circumferential excess and requires arm skin reduction. The limited Los Angeles Arm Lift is more a lift than a reduction.


Short-Scar Arm Lift – Short-scar Los Angeles arm lift is a technique used by Board Certified arm lift surgeon, Dr. Agha, for arm lift patients with mild upper arm tissue laxity, who do not wish to have the extended arm lift scar. This Los Angeles arm lift procedure utilizes a T-shaped scar to combine the incision of the limited Los Angeles arm lift with a short incision on the upper arm. Through these two incisions, upper arm tissue laxity is corrected and arm skin is lifted toward the armpit. Lower arm tissue is removed to achieve balance with the upper arm tissue excision and short-scar Los Angeles arm lift for is completed.


Extended Arm Lift (extended brachioplasty) – This extension of the Los Angeles arm lift procedure is reserved for arm lift patients with moderate to severe skin and tissue laxity. For them, the circumference of the arm needs to be altered through a reductive procedure. Dr. Agha, board certified arm lift specialist, serving Los Angeles and Orange County, employs an incision between the inner surface and back of the arm. The extended Los Angeles arm lift incision extends from armpit to elbow, removing an ellipse of excess skin and tissue of the inner and lower arm. Closure of the extended Los Angeles arm lift incision results in a fine scar line placed at the lower edge of the inner arm. When the arm sits on the hips, the Los Angeles arm lift scar will be well out of sight.


Some plastic surgeons prefer to put the incision of the extended Los Angeles arm lift underneath the arm. This results in a scar seen on the back of the upper arm. Dr. Agha rarely performs this form of incision placement, since the scar is clearly visible in short sleeves.


L-Brachioplasty (L-Arm Lift) – This arm lift procedure is reserved for patients with severe arm laxity, as well as sagging armpit and upper chest tissue. Most of these Los Angeles arm lift patients have had significant weight loss or gastric bypass surgery. They will benefit from simultaneous corrections of the arms, armpits and upper chest through one single incision of the L-Arm lift. The L-brachioplasty procedure was developed in 2005 by Dr. Agha’s colleague, Dr. Dennis Hurwitz. Similar to the extended Los Angeles arm lift, the L-brachioplasty incision extends from armpit to elbow on the inner arm. However, the Los Angeles arm lift incision is then extended through the armpit and vertically down on the chest. Through this L-shaped incision, the excess skin and fatty tissue of the arm and upper chest are excised, and the armpit sag and hollowness are corrected to complete the L-Arm lift for our Los Angeles and Orange County patients.


Where will your Los Angeles arm lift surgery be performed?

Arm lift for Los Angeles Dr. Agha has been granted staff privileges at several hospitals and outpatient surgery centers for Los Angeles arm lift procedures. For patient safety, he only performs Los Angeles arm lift surgeries in fully accredited facilities in Los Angeles and Orange County.


Typical Arm Lift Patients

Typical patients requesting an arm lift have significant laxity and excess tissue of the upper arm as can be seen from the picture below.









Before and After pictures of L-brachioplasty performed by
Dr. Siamak Agha on a gastric bypass patient.


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